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The Whirligigs of Vollis Simpson

A True American Folk Artist From Lucama, N. Carolina Mr. Simpson's Whirligigs Are A National Treasure! Many years ago, I was researching whirligigs (or whirlygigs) because I own one and was looking for a specific replacement part (still haven't been able to find the part to this day!). Now that I have a website devoted to any and … [Read more...]

Armillary Sundials For Classic Decor

Add A Touch of Elegance With One of These Beautiful Garden Spheres The Ancient Greeks Used Armillary Spheres To Teach The Concepts Of Basic Astronomy Armillary Sundials and Armillary Spheres are normally comprised of a somewhat delicate assemblage of rings, with a model of the Earth at their center. There are bands circled around the outside … [Read more...]

Whimsical Whirligigs

Whirlin' Twirlin' Spinnin' Devices That Are Now Considered Folk Art Whirlygigs - Whirlijigs - Whirlybirds A Historical Overview The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines whirligigs as: Etymology: Middle English whirlegigg: from whirlen to whirl + gigg top. What Are They? A whirligig is a device, moved by the wind, which … [Read more...]

A Garden Pond… Articles & Advice

An Introduction To Building an Easy To Maintain & Enjoyable Pond Keeping Your Water Garden Plants, Pond Fish & Koi Healthy and Thriving For Years To Come The enjoyment of having a beautiful garden pond is luring more and more of us into this interesting and often challenging hobby. Ponds of all sizes, from … [Read more...]

Planting Zone Map Links

You Really Ought To Know How Cold Your Particular Area Gets In Winter Refer To The Planting Zone Maps When Choosing Plants Best Suited For Your Climate It's very important to know your planting zone, also known as cold hardiness zone. That's why I have provided this web page with links to these important maps for my fellow gardeners all over … [Read more...]

History of the Magical Garden Gnome

Gnomes Bring Good Luck To Homes You Know I Used To Think These Little Guys Were Kind Of Dumb And Stupid A garden gnome?? WHY, I wondered, would anyone want one of these goofy little guys with the pointy red caps in their garden? I equated them to the likes of Snow White & the Seven Dwarf figurines lined up in one's front yard. But … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Repair Techniques

Save That Favorite or Expensive Cracked Pot NOW Before It Gets Worse! Oh-Oh, A Crack In A Favorite Garden Pot ... Is Terra Cotta Repair Possible? Yes, Fortunately It Is Cracks can happen to a favorite (and normally expensive) garden pot at any time. Being left outside in winter to freeze and thaw numerous times isn't the only culprit of … [Read more...]

How to Grow Moss Technique

Enhancing Your Garden Pottery and Hypertufa Planters With Moss Many Gardeners "Age" Planters By Encouraging The Growth Of Moss How to grow moss on your garden pottery, clay, terra cotta, concrete or hypertufa planters and the like is not at all difficult. You'll see by the following concoctions that all ingredients are … [Read more...]

Custom Potting Soil Recipes

Make Great Potting Soil For Healthy & Happy Container Plants This Article Offers Potting Soil Recipes Specifically Geared To Six Different Plant Types & Soil Sterilization How-Tos A large part of the ongoing healthy growth for all container plants lies in the quality of the potting soil used. For instance, some plant types need a more … [Read more...]

Container Potting Soil Requirements

To Grow Healthy Container Plants, You've Got To Have Good Soil What Type Of Potting Soil Is Best For Healthy, Long-Lasting Container Gardening? The first part of the answer is: probably not the soil from your garden. The soil from your garden most likely is not acceptable to use in your container plantings. Why? Most gardens have soil that … [Read more...]