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Easy Outdoor Water Features

Ideal For Small Spaces, Balconeys, or To Add Interest to Your Backyard If you don’t already have an outdoor water feature in your garden, then you’ve just got to go ahead and purchase or make yourself one this year! A beautiful 3-tiered water fountain; water bubbling up in an attractive container; … [Read more...]

Introduction To Koi Fish Care

It's Almost All About Water Quality ... Believe It or Not Learn Before You Leap Into Koi Keeping! Maintaining Healthy Fish Is Your #1 Goal There is no way to keep koi healthy (or alive) for very long in sub-par conditions. But unfortunately, this is the way most of us first start out! Most people who get bitten with "koi fever" are … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Recipe Using Coir

Coir Is Also Known As Coconut Fiber Coir Is A Workable Substitution If You Don't Want To Use Peat Moss In Your 'Tufa Recipe I received an email from a gentleman in the United Kingdom asking me, "I am very interested in your excellent site and in particular hypertufa. I am based in the UK and peat is a no-no environmentally. Can you … [Read more...]

How to Paint Terra Cotta Pots

Follow These Simple Steps For Long Lasting Outdoor Use Maybe It Sounds Simple, But You've Got To Know How To Paint Terra Cotta Correctly If You Want Your Decorative Painting Efforts To Last A few simple guidelines assure that your painted technique will continue to look attractive for years to come. And if you're painting a garden … [Read more...]

Easy Garden Stepping Stones Project

A Simple Technique and A Very Simple Cement & Dirt Recipe Making Faux Rock Garden Stepping Stones Isn't All That Hard The great thing about this garden stepping stones project is that it's easier than some other DIY projects because you don't need to make a form. You merely dig and shape a depression into the ground (hopefully you have a … [Read more...]

Garden Pond Water Spitters

Basic Installation Know-How & Other Important Tips A Simple Way to Add A Little Bit of Splash Garden pond water spitters ... ahhhh, I can hear the soothing sound of splashing water right now. There's that simple stream of water shooting into your container water garden or pond. For sure, this type of outdoor water … [Read more...]

Solid Garden Sphere Project

You Can Utilize Left-Over Recipe Ingredients For This Craft Project A Garden Sphere Made With Hypertufa Or Concrete Is Always An Interesting Garden Art Decoration. This project is really not too much of a challenge to have come out looking great. Even young children can have the fun of making a sphere (with an adult's supervision for … [Read more...]

Hollow Concrete Garden Sphere

Super Tips & Advice To Cast 'Em Big and Beautiful! There are a few techniques you need to know before casting a hollow garden sphere made from concrete. These great tips will help insure that your creation comes out looking like you are a pro. You won't find these garden sphere tips and tricks mentioned on other "how-to" sites. I want to … [Read more...]

How to Make a Hollow Garden Sphere

Let Me Share My Tips To Help Your Project Be A Success! I think that a garden sphere made with hypertufa or concrete is one of the neatest garden art items you can make. Not only are round objects always interesting in a garden space, but there is a little bit of a challenge to have it come out looking great. This article will discuss the … [Read more...]

Garden Pond Water Basics

Learning About Healthy Pond Water NOW Is The Smartest Approach Let's Understand "Good" vs. "Bad" Water Quality I am the happy owner of a backyard garden pond. I love it! I happen to focus on the hobby of Koi, so in my particular situation the quality of my pond water is all important. Now, this being said, it is also very important to … [Read more...]