Archives for December 2008

Terra Cotta Pot Dog Project

DIY Garden Art Crafts Project Using New or Old Clay or Terra Cotta Pots Arf! Arf! .... How Do I Make A Pot Dog? I've gotten a lot of emails asking me to explain how to make the clay pot dog as you see here, so I thought it was about time I add the instructions to my website to make the how-tos available for anyone interested. I have … [Read more...]

Painting Terra Cotta & Clay Pots

Preparation Tips For Long Lasting Results Painting on terra cotta or clay doesn't really require any special treatment if your garden art object is brand new. 9-times-out-of-10 it'll be clean enough and you'll be able to apply the base coat from the get-go. Obviously, if your terra cotta or clay object has already been used outside, you'll … [Read more...]

All About Water Garden Plants

Why Not Try Aquatic Gardening For Beautiful Container Displays You've Got The Perfect Container ... What Water Garden Plants Should You Choose? It really isn't a difficult task to pick water plants that will not only look beautiful but perform well for you over the course of your growing season. Whether you live where … [Read more...]

DIY Sponge Painting Technique

Easy Terra Cotta Garden Art Craft Project Sponge Painting Is A Simple Decorative Paint Technique You Can Use To Transform An Ordinary Garden Art Object Into Something Uniquely Yours This painted finish is accomplished by applying one or more layers of color onto your terra cotta or plastic garden art object. For our purposes, this painting … [Read more...]

DIY Rusted Faux Finish

How To Make Metal Rust Without Using Dangerous Chemicals An Easy Technique That Makes Steel, Iron or Tin Rust "... how can I make metal get rusty looking but without having to buy expensive spray paints?" I get a number of emails each month asking me if there is a faux paint finish, or some sort of other decorative painted … [Read more...]