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How Do I Make An Aged Looking Hypertufa Trough?

Aging A Hypertufa Trough With Moss Note: the information about growing moss also pertains to almost any porous material - such as clay or terra cotta pots. I received this email from Stephen who asked: Dear Artistic Gardner: This is from Sheffield England. Please could you advise me on the "wooden former", concrete mix, possible wall … [Read more...]

What Is Hypertufa? Hypertufa Ingredients Explained

What In the Heck Is This Stuff Called 'Hypertufa' ?? I received an email asking: Help me please! I am wondering if you can describe hypertufa to me -- like how it feels, looks, etc. I am doing a report about the Roman Coliseum and the interior was made partly with 'tufa and I need to describe it so can you help? I replied: Hi: First, let … [Read more...]

Painting Hypertufa Tips

How Do I Paint My Hypertufa Sphere? Korenv posted and asked me: Hello, I've just completed my hypertufa sphere project, as per your hollow sphere instructions on The-Artistic-Garden website. It's in the process of curing. I made one before this using a liquid cement colorant, which was alright, but a little drab. On my current sphere, I'd like … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Paint Projects Tips

Sealing Terra Cotta Pots Before Painting ... Should I Paint The Inside And/Or Outside? I received an email from Marie asking: If preparing a terra cotta pot for painting to be used outdoors, do you need to spray the sealer on the inside and on the outside of the pot? Marie My reply: Hello Marie: Thank you for contacting me and I will be happy to … [Read more...]

How Do I Remove Old Paint From Terra Cotta Pots & Plaques?

I Want To Repaint Some Of My Terra Cotta Pots, But Need To Remove The Old Paint First. I received an email from Sheila asking: Hello from England, I have some terracotta plaques and pots that have already been painted. I wish to repaint them, but need to remove the old paint first. Can you suggest what I can use to remove the old paints from the … [Read more...]

Faux Terra Cotta Paint Technique

How Can I Add An Antiqued Effect With Paint To My Terra Cotta Planter? I received an email from Kris who asked: Great articles on The-Artistic-Garden ... How can I make my terra cotta planter look older or antique with white paint? Do I brush it on and wipe it off? I'd like the details to have a little white left in the cracks. My reply: Hi … [Read more...]

Best Non-Toxic Top Coat Sealer For Painted Terra Cotta Pots

What Is Best Non-Toxic Sealant Top Coat For People & Our Furry Friends? Cats4 asked: Hi! I very recently found your website, signed up for your newsletter, and just registered for the forum - everything is great and very informative! I'm going to try painting some new terra cotta flowerpots, and I'd like some advice on what to use for a top … [Read more...]

Safety Measures Before Making Impressions Of Hands In Hypertufa Stepping Stones

Handprints Made In Hypertufa Stepping Stones ... Is The Recipe Caustic? I received an email from Diane asking: I wanted to put in handprints of the grandchildren into hypertufa recipe stepping stones for the garden. You spoke about it being caustic. Can it still be done? My reply: Hi Diane: Thank you for contacting me. Yes, a hypertufa … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Trough – I’d Like To Recreate Real Tufa Troughs

Where Can I Find Recipes & InstructionsTo Make An Aged Looking Trough? I received this email from Stephen who asked: Dear Artistic Gardener: This is from Sheffield England. Please could you advise me on the "wooden former", concrete mix, possible wall thickness and dimensions and possible type of chicken wire as strengthener to make a concrete … [Read more...]

Making The Interior Of A Hollow Hypertufa Sphere Plant-Safe

Does Interior Of A Sphere Need To Be Sealed For Planting? I received an email from Michelle asking: Thanks for all the info you provide on your website. I'm presently making a hollow hypertufa sphere. Once it is done and I've sealed the exterior surface, I'd like to put some soil inside and plant something. Does the interior of the sphere need … [Read more...]