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Garden Mirrors Make An Interesting Accent

Ideas For Using A Garden Mirror And Outdoor Safety Tips Wanda emailed and asked: I want a mirror for my garden. I have heard there are plastic mirrors or that stainless steel would be good for a mirror. Can you tell me if you have made one and how you did it. I want it to be fairly large. Oh, and thanks for the info on your garden mirror … [Read more...]

Garden Art Project – How To Paint Bowling Balls

Garden Art Or Junk Art ...Painted Bowling Balls Are Really A Fun & Funky Look In the Garden I recevied this email from Freddie who asked: I found your website by accident and I love it. I love trying new garden art projects, especially junk garden art! I have tried to make garden spheres many times....some came out better than others....and this … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Pot – Decorative Paint Project Question

What Is The Best Method To Seal Off The Interior Of A Terra Cotta Pot? I received an email from Leslie asking: This is a fantastic website, extremely helpful. I have found the articles in the Decorative Paint Techniques category very informative. THANKS! My question: I am using gauze fabric and modpodge and then painting over it with airbrush … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Recipes Tip – Help! I Can't Find Peat Moss

How Important Is Peat Moss In A Hypertufa Recipe?Is It OK to Substitute Another Kind Of Moss?? I received an email in late winter from Becky asking: Claudia, Thank you so much for writing the Hypertufa How-To eBook as you did an outstanding job! So much info to pour over. It is a great resource guide for newbies like me. I can't wait to get … [Read more...]

Where Can I Buy Perlite For My Hypertufa Recipe?

Finding A Store That Sells Perlite Is Not Too Difficult I received an email from Gabriella asking: Hi Claudia, I was wondering if your Hypertufa How-To eBook includes sources for supplies? I am having a hard time finding perlite. Thanks, Gabriella My reply: Hi Gabriella: Thanks for contacting me - I can help steer you in the right driection to … [Read more...]

Can I Use Hypertufa To Repair Cracking Concrete In My Garden Pond

Hypertufa Can Be Used To Repair ConcreteBut There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind I received this email: My 14-year old pond is showing signs of wear ... the initial waterfall & trough were made of dyed concrete supplemented with mountain rocks. The concrete has some cracks and the mortar between the rocks is pulling away. Can hypertufa be … [Read more...]

Help! I Broke The Head Off A Statue! How To Repair?

Concrete Statue RepairHow To Reattach A Broken Concrete Statue Head I received an email asking for help: I accidentely knocked the head off of a statue. :( Is there anything I can use to reattach it? It was my late Mother's and I really need to fix it. Thank you for your answer. Irene My reply: Hi Irene: Thank you for contacting me and I … [Read more...]

Hypertufa & Concrete Hollow Garden Sphere Project – When To Deflate The Ball

When Should I Deflate The Ball When MakingA Hypertufa Or Concrete Hollow Garden Sphere? I received an email from Charlotte who asked: Did I miss something in understanding the concrete and hypertufa garden spheres instructions? Doesn't the ball have to be deflated? If so - at what point? I'm so new at this that I would probably make a really … [Read more...]

Wood Shavings – Is It OK To Use In Hypertufa Recipes?

Though Peat Moss Is An Important Ingredient In A Hypertufa RecipeWill Wood Shavings Prove To BeAn Acceptable Replacement? I received this email from Sandy who asked: Hi: I was so excited to find your site. Years ago I read a small article in a magazine about making hypertufa planters. I am so glad I didn't get around to trying it until now. I … [Read more...]

Can I Make A Raised Design On My Hypertufa Pot?

How Do I Sculpt And Carve Into Wet Hypertufa? A reader asked: On your Artistic-Garden website under 'Painting Techniques' there is a close-up photo showing verdigris colouration. There is a design on the planter. How did you accomplish this? And, is there any other way to decorate a hypertufa pot except by painting it? Can you draw on it … [Read more...]