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Does Sealing The Inside Of Clay Pots Affect The Plants?

A Concerned Crafter Asks What Paint Product SealantsAre Recommended For Garden Pots I received an email from Beth asking: First of all I have to tell you I absolutely love your website. I just found it yesterday and am really enjoying all of your information. Question ... does sealing the inside of clay or terra cotta pots affect the plants at … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Recipe Without The Peat Moss

What Is A Good Substitution For Peat Moss?It Is An Environmental "No-No" In The UK I received an email from Mike who asked: I am very interested in your excellent web site and in particular hypertufa recipes and projects. I am based in the UK and peat is a big "no-no" environmentally. Can you recommend a peat substitute for hypertufa recipes? … [Read more...]

Clay Pot Man Project – Can I Use Plastic Pots?

Are Plastic Pots OK To Use Instead of Clay PotsFor A Pot Person Project? Stan emailed me and asked: You have a great website! Just a question about making a pot man. Do you recommend using the plastic pots at all, or just strictly the clay? Thanks for the help. Stan My reply: Hello Stan: Think about this … plastic pots do not weigh … [Read more...]

What Release Agents Work Best For Hypertufa Or Concrete Garden Art Projects?

A Garden Art Crafter Asks “What Release Oil Do You Recommend?” Harold emailed me and asked: What is the barrier or release oil that you recommend for hypertufa or concrete garden art projects? Thanks! My reply: Hello Harold: If you refer to the following page on my website, approximately half way down the page you will see where I have listed a … [Read more...]

How Can I Make Tall, Large Rocks With Hypertufa?

A Garden Art Enthusiast Wants To Build A Mini-Stonehenge In Her Backyard I received an email from Wendy who asked: We want to make a small version of Stonehenge in our back yard rockery and cannot lift the large stones we would want. Hypertufa is a perfect alternative, suggested by a friend. Any hints or tips would be appreciated. I've … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Project – How Can I Make A Basin For A Birdbath?

A New Hypertufa Project Enthusiast Asks For Birdbath Basin Ideas Annie emailed me and asked: I have recently made some minature hypertufa birdbaths and now want to try a larger project. I LOVE the idea of using large leaves with a hypertufa recipe and wondered how to go about shaping the birdbath' s bowl and other things like that. I think I … [Read more...]

Clay Pot Woman Instructions Wanted

Clay Pot Woman - Do You Have Project Instructions? I received an email from Renee who asked: Quite a while ago I saw directions for a terra cotta (clay) woman pot person. Then my house burned down and I lost the directions. Do you have directions for a woman pot person? Thank you. My reply: Hi Renee: Thank you for contacting me and I am … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Rocks For Use In Bonsai Gardens

Sculpting Hypertufa Into Realistic Rocks For Use In Bonsai Landscapes Jim wrote and asked: I am an avid bonsai gardener. How do I make hypertufa into rocks with sharp edges so they will look like small mountains and fit well into my bonsai gardens? Also what recipe would you suggest for these rocks? Jim -------------- My reply: Hi … [Read more...]

Container Water Garden With Koi – Is This A Good Idea?

A Condo Owner Would Like A Water Feature On Her Porch And Asks How She Can Make One I recevied an email from Jean asking me: I would like to do a container garden with plants and koi on my porch. I live in a condo and I'd like to do one that is made with clear or semi-clear glass so I can enjoy both the fish and the plants when I'm on my … [Read more...]

Can I Use Hypertufa For Making A Waterfall?

Is Hypertufa Waterproof?Can It Be Exposed To Water 24/7? Ken emailed and asked: Is hypertufa a good choice for construction material for a waterfall? Is it waterproof enough to withstand the constant exposure to water? Because of it's easy use, I would like to build the spillways out of hypertufa. Please advise. My reply: Hello Ken: Thank you … [Read more...]