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DIY Garden Hose Guides From PVC

My Friend Tom's Simple & CheapDIY Garden Hose Guides Saved His 'Maters Hey everyone, this is a great and cheap-o (we like that, don't we ;) ) idea sent to me just yesterday from my longtime Texas friend Tom Vanderzyl. Tom and his dear wife Alice have themselves a wonderful new home and for the first time in many years are able to put in a … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Craft Glue For My Bowling Ball Project?

Not All Craft Glues Or Adhesives Work For Every Type Of Project I recevied an email from Jayne who asked: Hi Claudia, I would like to know what type of adhesive is best for making 'mosaic' garden balls using bowling balls. I tried silicone but the mosaic pieces loosen after a while. I need an adhesive that will survive freeze/thaw cycles ... … [Read more...]

A Decorative Paint Finish To Revive A 100-Year Old Jug

A Reader Asks For Ideas To Repaint A Very Old Water Jug I received an email from Yogesh, asking for help with trying his hand at applying a decorative paint technique of some sort to a 100-year old pot he really wanted to repaint. That first email didn't have enough information for me to properly answer him, so I asked him to email me again with … [Read more...]

Hummingbird Syrup Recipe – Here Come The Hummers!

Spring Time Heralds The Return Of My Favorite Birds - The Hummingbirds This is such a fun time of year ... I start to be on the look-out for the first Ruby-throated Hummingbird to make its appearance at my house. Last night I figured I had better make up a small batch of my trusted hummingbird syrup nectar recipe. (Recipe is down below.) Even … [Read more...]

Decorative Paint Tip For Concrete Planter

What Kind Of Paint Can I Use For A Tuscan Look On My Grey Concrete Planter? Gabby emailed me asking: Hello, can you help me find the right type of paint for a large concrete planter? It is grey concrete and I want to achieve a tuscan look. Also where do I buy this paint? Thank you sooooo much ... Gabby My reply: Hi Gabby: I will be … [Read more...]

How To Make Decorative Stepping Stones

Questions About A Concrete Stepping Stone Project I received an email from Hilda who asked: I was delighted to find the information you provide on your website. I am making stepping stones from a silicon mold. They are basically 10" x 10" and 2" thick. I need the "details/design" to appear of course. I wonder which recipe would be best and … [Read more...]

Garden Yard Art To Scare Away The Birds

This Is One Creative Bird Chaser! I came across this great photo of a very creative piece of garden yard art today and I thought "I've just got to share this with my visitors." Plus ... for many of us, thoughts of what we are going to plant in our vegetable garden is looming in our minds. Warm weather is slowly starting to take hold. So I … [Read more...]

My Hypertufa Trough Keeps Breaking Apart

A Very Frustrated Hypertufa Trough MakerSeeks Helpful Advice & Answers To Her Problem I received this email plea for assistance from "Laughing": Please help me Claudia! I have tried the hypertufa beginner recipe several times and my 'tufa troughs and containers break apart while taking them out of the molds I am using, which are simple large … [Read more...]