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Concrete Reacts Differently With Various Metals

Be Aware Of How Portland Cement Or Mortar In Your Recipe Will React To Various Metals I received a question from a crafter who had read my post about using hypertufa to skim coat vertical walls. She has a metal shed that she'd like to use the technqiue on and wondered if it would work in her situation. I told her I'd found and saved some … [Read more...]

Do-It-Yourself Tomato Cage – Make One With Copper Tubing

Those Whimpy (And Ugly!) Wire Tomato Cages Really Aren't Big Enough Or Strong Enough! So let's make good looking, sturdy and long lasting cages from copper tubing! Right after I posted the Copper Trellis Project the other day, I received a nice email from Odile saying: Hi Claudia, I have been a subscriber to your Artistic Gardener newsletter and … [Read more...]

Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellents

Say Goodbye To Toxic DEET Bug Sprays And Hello To A Safe Homemade Repellent Here in my part of of the USA, it's time for the moquitoes to start rearing their ugly little heads. As a matter of fact, I got my first bite two days ago, while being outside ONLY ONE MINUTE to empty my kitchen scraps into the compost bin! :-x I don't know about you, … [Read more...]

A Hypertufa Recipe's #1 Cause For Failure – Water!

Avoiding Project Mishaps When Adding Water To Your Dry Hypertufa Ingredients Without a doubt, the amount of water mixed in with the dry hypertufa recipe's ingredients is the most critical and determining factor of success or failure! Let's call it your "make it or break it" ingredient. Why do I say this, you ask? Well ... Nearly every crafter … [Read more...]

Is It Feline Rhinotracheitis? Or Allergies? Or What??

Part #3 - Final Update (For Now) On The Saga Of AlyssumAnd Our Battle With "Suspected" Feline Rhinotracheitis I've been behind in posting this update on Alyssum's battle with what we think might be feline rhinotracheitis. This herpes virus is one stinkin' bugger to definitively diagnose which makes it frustrating for vets and pet owners. … [Read more...]

What's A Good Sealant For A Bird Bath?

How to Seal & Protect Painted Colors On A Concrete or Resin Bird Bath I received an email yesterday from Jan asking me: I have a couple of questions. 1. I want to seal a resin decorative bird bath & protect the colors from the sun exposure. I need a sealer that is safe and non toxic for birds and would prefer a spray. Do you have any … [Read more...]

A Copper Trellis Project

How About A Copper Trellis For Your Garden? Need a nifty idea on how to make an attractive looking trellis for your tomato or viney-type plants? Use copper tubing that you can find at any "big box" store or plumbing supply store. The neat thing about copper is that if you don't coat it with a clear sealant, it'll get a wonderful greenish patina … [Read more...]

Vote For Kid Art Finalists In Google's "Doodle 4 Google" Contest

Ok, this isn't garden art related at all, but it's ART related for sure! ;) Hey - Google (yes that #1 most used search engine) is having a fun contest for one child's doodle art to end up on their home page May 21st. That'll be a pretty neat honor for some talented kid. Personally, I hope a younger child can beat out an older kid - like a … [Read more...]

How to Make Sure Embellishments Won't Fall Out

Hypertufa & Concrete Projects Tip How to Make Embedded Items Stay Stuck! I received an email from Julie asking me: Hi, my friend and I made our first hypertufa batches the other night, using a couple of your recipes, and want to make more. My question: I want to put some glass stones and other things like nails on the outside of some pots and … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Projects Tips – Skim Coating Vertical Walls

Can Hypertufa Really Be Used As A Top Coat On A Vertical Wall? I recevied an email from Donna asking me a simple question: Can hypertufa be used to face a vertical wall? My reply: Hi Donna: Thanks for asking me about this, and yes! You sure can use hypertufa to face a wall. This would certainly be a very doable hypertufa project that shouldn't … [Read more...]