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Concrete & Hypertufa Leaf Fountain Making Tips

A Reader Asks Construction Questions About ADecorative Cast Leaf Fountain I received an email from Jan R. asking me: Hi there, I want to make a hypertufa leaf or concrete leaf fountain. After the leaves are made how would I form the fountain and to what? Got any ideas? Thank you for your time. … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Boulders For A Waterfall Construction

Hypertufa Rocks ProjectMaking Hypertufa Boulders for a Waterfall I received an email from Carole M. asking me: Could hypertufa be used to create boulders to be used on a waterfall on a pool? We built one that needs help. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Concrete Recipes – Is "Homemade" Better Than A Pre-Mix?

Concrete Pre-Mix Products vs. A "Make It From Scratch" Recipe I received an email from "Stoner" asking me: I have been using a regular pre bagged "sand mix" cement for my concrete leaves. Is there a benefit to using something that I mix together myself ? Thanks. Stoner My reply: Hi Stoner: Well, not necessarily. I mean, if you are very … [Read more...]

Tips For Repairing Broken Terra Cotta, Clay, Or Concrete Garden Art Items

Helpful Tips To Ensure More Successful Repairs I received an email the other day from garden art friend Louisa G. who was kind enough to share some very helpful ideas pertaining to repairing broken garden art items (or anything else you might have around the house that needs to be stuck back together, for that matter). Whether you are using a … [Read more...]