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Bird Suet Recipe – Is Peanut Butter Lethal to Certain Birds?

Bird Suet Recipes with Peanut Butter as an Ingredient Are Not Dangerous I received a comment from Consuelo on a previous post about making your own bird suet. She wanted to share information she'd found about peanut butter being potentially dangerous to certain bird species. Peanut butter is one of the ingredients I recommend using for the suet … [Read more...]

Making Tall And Impressive Garden Art Sculptures

For Those of You Wondering About How Large a Hypertufa or Concrete Sculpture Can Be ... I get asked just how large you can make a hypertufa or concrete garden art object more than a couple times each month, and my standard answer to everyone is simply, "As large as YOU are capable of making it." :) I'm not trying to be smart or curt with that … [Read more...]