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DIY Vertical Garden Using a Recycled Wooden Pallet

Easy DIY Project to Create A Bee and Butterfly Friendly Pallet Garden Oh ... I love this idea for 3 reasons: 1) it's an easy do-it-yourself project; 2) it utilizes a recycled item; and 3) it helps attract beneficial bees and butterflies! … [Read more...]

Vermiculite for Hypertufa Recipes or Gardening Purposes

Vermiculite - An Ingredient in Some Hypertufa Recipes and a Great Additive for Garden Soil I get emails from time-to-time asking where to find vermiculite, which is mentioned as an ingredient in many hypertufa recipes, such as two that are provided in my article: Four Great Hypertufa Recipes. So I thought I'd provide some background information … [Read more...]

Homemade Hummingbird Syrup Recipe – How Much Sugar is Too Much?

Can Too Much Sugar in a Homemade Hummingbird Syrup Recipe Be Harmful to Hummingbirds? In my previous post where I shared my Homemade Hummingbird Syrup Recipe, blog visitor Lorraine made a comment, saying she uses a ratio of 1-part sugar to 2-parts water. In my opinion, that's a bit too much sugar. … [Read more...]