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Sheet Composting – My Cow Manure Adventure ~ Part 2

" ... many people will insist that this pile of organic matter must be combined with manure to make good compost. I’ll get into that in a moment, as manure is not necessarily essential for making good quality compost. (There … those of you who just had a horrible vision of toting home bushels of cow manure and stinking up your nice car can relax! … [Read more...]

Sheet Composting – Build a Bed Now for Planting Next Spring ~ Part 1

"Compost is a gardener's most versatile ally and what’s more, it’s free to make to boot! Its nutrient-rich properties add a bit of fertilizer to the soil and acts either as a superb soil amendment or wonderful biodegradable mulch." ~~The Shoestring Gardener eBook Did you know that now on-up-to about mid-October is really a great time to begin a … [Read more...]

Large Garden Lady Sculpture – Hypertufa or Concrete?

Should I Use a Hypertufa or Concrete Recipe For a Large Reclining Lady Garden Sculpture? I received an email from Jan asking me: I am soooo excited about finding your site. My sister in Texas found this site for me. I live in Michigan, mid part of the mitt part. I am in the process of doing a 5 FT sculpture outside, which will stay outside, … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Trying Vertical Gardening

Vertical Wall Gardening Ideas I don't know if you're aware of vertical gardening, also called vertical wall gardening, but maybe you should be! It's a really neat concept, and one that can be done on a small scale, on up to grand proportions. Flowers, herbs, or succulents can be grown in the "cubbies" (sections) that are filled with rich … [Read more...]

Used CD's for a Glittery Garden Globe

A Too-Cool Idea to Turn a Styrofoam Ball & Used CD's Into an Eye-Catching Garden Globe I can't take credit for this project, though I've toyed with the idea of recycling a plain looking gazing ball into something more spectacular by gluing on mirrored pieces, mosaics or other what-have-yous. Just never had the time to get it a try. … [Read more...]

Easy To Make Fruit Feeder For Backyard Birds

Make a Hanging Fruit Feeder Birds love fruit, did you know that? Why not make a simple summer bird feeder? I first saw one of these hanging from a tree branch in a friend's backyard. She had made sure to hang it where she had a good view of it from her favorite "bird watching" window. :) … [Read more...]