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Hypertufa Bonding Agents

What Is A Bonding Agent? When Would You Need To Use It? Used For Fortifying Or Strengthening Hypertufa Recipes Or When Adding One Layer Upon Another Layer If you are adding another layer of 'tufa to a partially cured, or even totally cured layer of hypertufa, then you will most definitely want to mix in some bonding agent … [Read more...]

What is Hypertufa??

Hypertufa ... A Mud-Pie Recipe That Is Used to Make All Sorts of Garden Art Objects Hypertufa is perfect for making long lasting garden troughs (plant containers), fake rocks and boulders, stepping stones, wonderfully whimsical garden spheres and all sorts of decorative garden accents. Smooth it over a form … [Read more...]

Large Garden Lady Sculpture – Hypertufa or Concrete?

Should I Use a Hypertufa or Concrete Recipe For a Large Reclining Lady Garden Sculpture? I received an email from Jan asking me: I am soooo excited about finding your site. My sister in Texas found this site for me. I live in Michigan, mid part of the mitt part. I am in the process of doing a 5 FT sculpture outside, which will stay outside, … [Read more...]

How Much Liquid Fortifier To Use In Hypertufa & Concrete Recipes

Admixes? Liquid Fortifiers? Acrylic Strengtheners?What Is Their Purpose and How Much To Add To Your Hypertufa and Concrete Recipes I get emails quite often asking me about "liquid fortifiers" and exactly what are they, what do they "do", and how much should be put into a 'tufa or concrete recipe. So, today I'll share what I do know about using … [Read more...]

How-to Tips For Making Hypertufa Flagstones For A Patio

D-I-Y Hypertufa Flagstone Project Questions I received an email from a sweet lady named P.J. asking me about how doable a "large" DIY hypertufa flagstone project might be and I think lots of you can benefit from her questions and my answers. So here goes: Hi Claudia, I love your website and blog and I have been reading all your info about … [Read more...]

Portland Cement Problems After Skim Coating A Patio Slab

Let's Learn About the Right vs. Wrong Way to Resurface Existing Concrete Patio Surfaces I received this email from Trisha asking me: I have encountered a problem on my patio. After much research your website was the only one that made it clear there was a difference between concrete and cement. We have a slab in our back yard (like a river rock … [Read more...]

Concrete & Hypertufa Leaf Fountain Making Tips

A Reader Asks Construction Questions About ADecorative Cast Leaf Fountain I received an email from Jan R. asking me: Hi there, I want to make a hypertufa leaf or concrete leaf fountain. After the leaves are made how would I form the fountain and to what? Got any ideas? Thank you for your time. … [Read more...]

Concrete Recipes – Is "Homemade" Better Than A Pre-Mix?

Concrete Pre-Mix Products vs. A "Make It From Scratch" Recipe I received an email from "Stoner" asking me: I have been using a regular pre bagged "sand mix" cement for my concrete leaves. Is there a benefit to using something that I mix together myself ? Thanks. Stoner My reply: Hi Stoner: Well, not necessarily. I mean, if you are very … [Read more...]

Using Hypertufa To Resurface Flaking Terra Cotta

A Reader Asks If She Can Successfully Use HypertufaTo Bring New Life To Her Strawberry Jar I received an email from Lael asking me: I have a terracotta strawberry jar that is flaking off on the surface. I want to cover it with hypertufa. I would use about 1/2" to 1" layer, and leave the jar in place. Do you think that would work? I love your site … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Projects Tips – Skim Coating Vertical Walls

Can Hypertufa Really Be Used As A Top Coat On A Vertical Wall? I recevied an email from Donna asking me a simple question: Can hypertufa be used to face a vertical wall? My reply: Hi Donna: Thanks for asking me about this, and yes! You sure can use hypertufa to face a wall. This would certainly be a very doable hypertufa project that shouldn't … [Read more...]