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Clay Pot Man Project – Can I Use Plastic Pots?

Are Plastic Pots OK To Use Instead of Clay PotsFor A Pot Person Project? Stan emailed me and asked: You have a great website! Just a question about making a pot man. Do you recommend using the plastic pots at all, or just strictly the clay? Thanks for the help. Stan My reply: Hello Stan: Think about this … plastic pots do not weigh … [Read more...]

Clay Pot Woman Instructions Wanted

Clay Pot Woman - Do You Have Project Instructions? I received an email from Renee who asked: Quite a while ago I saw directions for a terra cotta (clay) woman pot person. Then my house burned down and I lost the directions. Do you have directions for a woman pot person? Thank you. My reply: Hi Renee: Thank you for contacting me and I am … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Pot Dog Project

DIY Garden Art Crafts Project Using New or Old Clay or Terra Cotta Pots Arf! Arf! .... How Do I Make A Pot Dog? I've gotten a lot of emails asking me to explain how to make the clay pot dog as you see here, so I thought it was about time I add the instructions to my website to make the how-tos available for anyone interested. I have … [Read more...]

Painting Terra Cotta & Clay Pots

Preparation Tips For Long Lasting Results Painting on terra cotta or clay doesn't really require any special treatment if your garden art object is brand new. 9-times-out-of-10 it'll be clean enough and you'll be able to apply the base coat from the get-go. Obviously, if your terra cotta or clay object has already been used outside, you'll … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Pot People

DIY Garden Art Craft Project Using New or Old Terra Cotta or Clay Pots Human Sized, Child Sized, Even Crafted Into A Whimsical Animal Shape ... This Garden Art Crafts Project Is Fun For All Ages I'm going to walk you through a very popular terra cotta pot crafts project — how to make "Pot People". These garden art decorations can be as … [Read more...]

History of the Magical Garden Gnome

Gnomes Bring Good Luck To Homes You Know I Used To Think These Little Guys Were Kind Of Dumb And Stupid A garden gnome?? WHY, I wondered, would anyone want one of these goofy little guys with the pointy red caps in their garden? I equated them to the likes of Snow White & the Seven Dwarf figurines lined up in one's front yard. But … [Read more...]