Before I share a little about myself, let me tell you a little about how this website started out. Back in 2005 I wanted to try my hand at having a website where I could share fun, DIY unique garden art projects that just about anyone could tackle, even someone who feels they haven’t an ounce of creative or artistic flair. These projects were ones I’d experimented with and/or tweaked at bit to get great results without having to go through elaborate steps. My goal was to try and streamline and/or make the projects easier to do without sacrificing a really fabulous outcome.

Over the years I’ve begun to share information on more than just garden art craft projects, as I love gardening, especially with an emphasis on eco-friendly, frugal gardening methods and techniques. So, throughout this entire site, I believe you’ll find many informative how-tos on lots of interesting topics. And I am sure, as the years roll on, I’ll come up with new categories of information that I want to share with my crafting and gardening friends.

Let me give you some background information as to where the gardening and crafting “bug” came into being in my life: In my early 20’s, I started growing indoor plants. I lived in apartments back then, so outdoor gardening wasn’t an option. As I progressed from not killing my house plants deader than a doornail, to being able to have the inside of my home look like a jungle, I then became interested in outdoor gardening. In my late 20’s I also had become a home owner.

As my horticulture skills improved, my interest continued to grow and as the years progressed my gardening efforts expanded from having just a few tomato plants and annuals, to learning about perennials. Each spring I increased the size of my garden beds (I had to have room for more plants!), and … you get the picture. I was hooked on gardening!

Along with my love for gardening came an increasing interest in container gardening. To me, there’s just something about a beautiful pot coupled with an interesting mix of plants … or the beauty in the simplicity of a tall bamboo plant in a serene looking pot.

I soon began experimenting in decorative paint techniques to add more interest to the planters and pots I was using for container gardening. I also tried my hand at all sorts of other craft related projects over the years – whether it was projects for the inside of my home or for items to plant in for my garden space. I also became quite well versed in making garden art objects and pots from hypertufa and concrete recipes.

In 2000, I was overtaken with the desire to add a Koi pond to my garden. What eye-candy, indeed! I studied long and hard about garden ponds and proper Koi keeping. I installed a modest sized Koi pond and maintained a happy and healthy group of Koi for many years.

Sadly, certain circumstances (having nothing to do with my Koi’s health or anything like that) transpired, and I had to close down my pond. But I was able to give my flock of Koi to a friend who eagerly accepted them and could offer them an even bigger pond to swim in than what I had kept them in, so it was a win-win for all involved. Well, kind of except for me in the sense I didn’t have them as pets to enjoy anymore.

Then in 2005, in the pursuit of being self-employed, I decided to jump into the world of internet marketing and started this website, based upon my love for gardening and doing craft projects. Though this website does not solely support me, it is now an integral piece of my financial “pie.”

One of the interesting results of creating this website is that I now also wear the hat of “author.” This happened due to all the questions and “Help me!” e-mails I received, and still receive, about working with hypertufa. So, I decided to put the best of what I learned and wanted to share into a 100+ page eBook. The Hypertufa How-To Manual was launched in March 2007.

Then, because of my love of gardening and my growing interest in recycling and repurposing items in order to help Mother Earth not become a huge cesspool of junk in decades to come, and since I do love to continue to share information that I believe other people would find of value and benefit, I published another eBook, The Shoestring Gardener. This 300+ page, color illustrated eBook became available in early 2011.

I’ve oh-so-many more pages of great projects and how-tos I want to write. If I could only clone myself! There’s just not enough time in my day to accomplish all I want to do! But, I try to do my best … slowly but surely.

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