Who is @ecogardengirl?


Hello and howdy too! Thanks for clicking my Twitter URL. Just who the heck am I? Well …

My name is Claudia Brownlie, for starters. I love to write and share what I know and what I uncover in my never ceasing quest to learn to do many garden-related and just plain everyday living type things that can make my life easier, or to save me some money, or to make our world a better place to live. You know … be more conscious about everything I do and what sort of an impact it might have not only on myself, but on others and our earth as well.

If you’re still reading, then woo-hoo! Here’s the websites, blogs and products that I am responsible for creating:

www.the-artistic-garden.com: This website is devoted to DIY garden art projects such as working with hypertufa, concrete, painting on terra cotta and a whole lot more.

This website was my first. I am 100% self-taught. I got a lot of on-the-fly training on how to make a website (meaning digging for answers on the internet and other sources as I reached each learning curve in the road); I learned how to get top rankings so my site would be found by online searchers; how to market myself online, etc. I started out knowing NOTHING! Zilch! Every step of the way was often filled with moments of me pounding a fist on my desk, uttering an obscenity of one sort or another (I’m really trying much harder these days to not say bad words, honest) or letting out some very audible grrrrrrrr’s.

But I persevered. I plowed through every learning curve and somehow, today, The-Artistic-Garden.com is ranked as an authority site by Google. My tenacity paid off. 🙂

Then, my first eBook was released in March 2007 – The Hypertufa How-To Manual (www.hypertufabooks.com). Seems all the pages I wrote on my website about making and working with hypertufa caught a lot of attention from fellow garden art crafters. Based on all the questions that kept coming into my email inbox, I decided to write a book about hypertufa and share what I had learned by working with ‘tufa on many projects of my own. Oh boy … a year later, coupled with (you got it) more fist banging, not-nice utterances and struggle, I finished the eBook and offered it for sale online.

Then … blogs started coming into fashion, so a blog I started: www.the-artistic-garden.com/blog/. You’re on the blog now, BTW. This is where I am placing new content about garden art projects and helpful tips.

Still reading? Great.

Then my interest in natural, non-toxic and organic approaches to gardening coupled with my desire to be more eco-conscious and friendly to Mother Earth prompted me to write another eBook (www.shoestringgardener.com) which I finished toward the end of 2011 after a long year of writing, research, and major road blocks along the way. Check out what this book contains here: The Shoestring Gardener – A Compendium of Hundreds of Eco-Friendly, Creatively Frugal Gardening How-Tos, Remedies & Tips.

I am very proud of the final outcome of this eBook. I did my best to make it highly informative and educational, yet an easy read; interesting and full of visual impact, too. The feedback I am getting since it went on sale has been very positive. I’m so-so pleased. Now I’m working on a broader marketing base in which I can sell it. (Yet another learning curve again!)

After the initial launch of The Shoestring Gardener, I realized I really ought to have a Shoestring Gardener blog (www.shoestringgardener.com/blog/) to begin to highlight all the ideas and information I’d love to pass along to others who I can help by sharing my knowledge with them. So, another blog I now tend to. It’s really still in the infancy stage for various reasons (sigh …) but in the near future I do hope it will prove to be a great addition to my online “learning centers” where I enjoy sharing and teaching what I know.

On the personal side, I recently moved out west and am thoroughly enjoying new surroundings, new experiences, and quite honestly am starting a much welcomed new chapter in my life. My grown son and his wife live about 1200 miles from me (boo-hoo … don’t get to see them as much as I’d like). I maintain my SEO consulting and web design business (SEO-Innovation.com) for a variety of clients – new and existing; take time each day to practice Kriya yoga; steal bits of time here and there for reading topics that interest me or that I need to keep up with; am enjoying going to new places, seeing new scenery, and doing new things since I made my cross-country move; and do try to veg out to rest my brain whenever necessary! Oh … and I also have to write new blog articles and now … Twitter (or is it Tweet?) when possible which for the past few months I admit has been zilch – the move and all that was entailed did consume every bit of my time. Not good for a Twitterer, I know. Oh well … I’m doin’ the best I can right now.

If you already follow me on Twitter, thanks for hanging in there! Please “@ecogardengirl” me a hello anytime. If not, you can follow my tips, adventures and mishaps on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/@ecogardengirl. I promise I’ll soon be getting back to Tweeting.

So, that’s about it. I’m a busy person with sometimes seemingly too many daily activities, just like everybody else. But I do want to do whatever I am able to help make a difference in the world by sharing with others what I know; showing others how they can save money in their gardening pursuits with neat tips and ideas; and to hopefully educate those that might not yet be aware of how they can be more mindful of how they are treating Mother Earth.

I’ll probably have other stuff to add here with time. Should I be even more transparent here? What would you like to see on a page like this? What questions do you have? Let me know.

Finally, thanks for reading. Oh … send me a Tweet sometime. 😉

Updated Jan. 13, 2012