My Twitter Follow Policy

Hi and thanks for considering to follow me. I established this Following Policy so that you, my fellow Tweeters, can clearly understand how and why I use Twitter, how and when I may start following you and if I don’t, why not.

If you have questions about my policy, I’m @ecogardengirl on Twitter, or contact me via my online form.


My Goals (priority subject to change):

  • Look for opportunities to help and mentor people
  • Look for business opportunities
  • Learn and grow professionally and personally
  • Make new friends
  • Professional networking
  • Have fun

Following Policy:

  • I will (most likely) follow you if you provide interesting information and/or engage me in meaningful conversation.
  • With very few exceptions, I will not follow brands, candidates, causes or company names. I wish to talk with humans – not brand icons, neither surveys nor bots.
  • If you are a real person & you are passionate about your work, then I embrace you. If you are a Direct Marketer using Twitter to push your brand down my throat, I will block you.
  • Even if you are a real person, I may not follow you. I need to see that you are talking either about topics or people I care about.
  • If you disagree with me, please do it under your own name and I will respect you. If you are unpleasant and/or personally insult me, I will block you.
  • I will not follow anonymous Tweeters.
  • If you follow me, please introduce yourself (this increases the likelihood that I will follow you back).
  • I don’t monitor my Twitter account 24/7 … so I may not notice your Tweets unless you @ me.
  • I will try to reply as quickly as possible, but please be patient.
  • I reserve the right to amend this Policy without notice.