Armillary Sundials For Classic Decor

Add A Touch of Elegance With One of These Beautiful Garden Spheres

The Ancient Greeks Used Armillary Spheres To Teach The Concepts Of Basic Astronomy


Armillary Sundials and Armillary Spheres are normally comprised of a somewhat delicate assemblage of rings, with a model of the Earth at their center. There are bands circled around the outside of the sphere, which represent the realm of all the stars (the heavens).

You’ve probably seen these graceful looking objects in a garden setting. Most times armillary are rather good sized and catch the attention of anyone looking in their vicinity.

An armillary sundial differs slightly from a “plain” armillary sphere as it has an arrow angled through the center of the sphere. This arrow tells solar time when the arrow, corresponding with the Earth’s axis, casts a shadow on the equatorial band.

In most instances these beautiful garden art objects lend themselves to more traditional and classical surroundings. However, that being said, I have seen a very large armillary sundial perched atop a tall pedestal in a very eclectically decorated garden and I must say it was a stunning focal point.

Armillary Sundial

So, as always … don’t be hesitant to have fun and add an unexpected element of design in your outdoor living space!

Whether you position an armillary sundial or sphere amongst your flowers, or place one on a pedestal as a major focal point in your garden, you cannot make a decorating mistake by incorporating this unique piece of garden décor into your “Artistic Garden”.

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