Sheet Composting – Gettin' My Hands on Brown Matter ~ Part 3

Browns are carbon rich materials. Dry or woody vegetation and matter such as dried leaves, sticks, straw, and even newspaper and cardboard are great brown matter to use for composting. Part 3 So, in Part 2 I told you how I scored big-time and got a lot of free cow manure that helped me solve the issue of having enough green matter on hand for my … [Read more...]

Sheet Composting – My Cow Manure Adventure ~ Part 2

" ... many people will insist that this pile of organic matter must be combined with manure to make good compost. I’ll get into that in a moment, as manure is not necessarily essential for making good quality compost. (There … those of you who just had a horrible vision of toting home bushels of cow manure and stinking up your nice car can relax! … [Read more...]

Sheet Composting – Build a Bed Now for Planting Next Spring ~ Part 1

"Compost is a gardener's most versatile ally and what’s more, it’s free to make to boot! Its nutrient-rich properties add a bit of fertilizer to the soil and acts either as a superb soil amendment or wonderful biodegradable mulch." ~~The Shoestring Gardener eBook Did you know that now on-up-to about mid-October is really a great time to begin a … [Read more...]

Large Garden Lady Sculpture – Hypertufa or Concrete?

Should I Use a Hypertufa or Concrete Recipe For a Large Reclining Lady Garden Sculpture? I received an email from Jan asking me: I am soooo excited about finding your site. My sister in Texas found this site for me. I live in Michigan, mid part of the mitt part. I am in the process of doing a 5 FT sculpture outside, which will stay outside, … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Trying Vertical Gardening

Vertical Wall Gardening Ideas I don't know if you're aware of vertical gardening, also called vertical wall gardening, but maybe you should be! It's a really neat concept, and one that can be done on a small scale, on up to grand proportions. Flowers, herbs, or succulents can be grown in the "cubbies" (sections) that are filled with rich … [Read more...]

Used CD's for a Glittery Garden Globe

A Too-Cool Idea to Turn a Styrofoam Ball & Used CD's Into an Eye-Catching Garden Globe I can't take credit for this project, though I've toyed with the idea of recycling a plain looking gazing ball into something more spectacular by gluing on mirrored pieces, mosaics or other what-have-yous. Just never had the time to get it a try. … [Read more...]

Easy To Make Fruit Feeder For Backyard Birds

Make a Hanging Fruit Feeder Birds love fruit, did you know that? Why not make a simple summer bird feeder? I first saw one of these hanging from a tree branch in a friend's backyard. She had made sure to hang it where she had a good view of it from her favorite "bird watching" window. :) … [Read more...]

Creative DIY Summertime Wreaths

Dress Up Your Garden - Make a Pretty or a Funky Wreath Sometimes there are DIY garden art ideas that I come across that are worth sharing. And today is one of those instances. I was wondering what I wanted to write about, and when I saw these two ideas I just had to pass them on to you. … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Project Disaster! Was It the Old Peat Moss?

After 13 Years of Hypertufa Success ... Disaster Strikes! Why?? Cinda emailed me today and asked: Hi Claudia ... I have been following your site for almost 2 years and finally have a question. I moved and it's been over a year since I've been able to make some hypertufa projects. I have been playing with hypertufa for over 13 years. I JUST made a … [Read more...]

Coffee Grounds – Wonderful Organic Garden Fertilizer

Don't Throw Away Used Coffee Grounds — Put Them to Use in Your Garden If you're looking for an organic, totally eco-friendly fertilizer for your garden plants, then give used coffee grounds a try. Used coffee grounds are slightly acidic and full of beneficial nitrogen, a mineral that aids vegetable and plant growth. Coffee grounds are especially … [Read more...]