Book Review “Garden Gnomes – A History”

A New Book Just Released on Garden Gnome History

I received a very nice email recently from “Twigs Way”, the author of a new book about garden gnomes, asking if I’d be kind enough to review it and make a mention about it on my blog. I am always happy to try and accommodate these type of requests when I can, but only if I think my readers would be interested in the review of the product. In this case, I do think many of you would be interested in adding this informative book to your reading library.

This 50-page book has GREAT photos and wonderfully interesting information about gnome history. You’ll find facts tracing gnome history and their public appeal throughout time. I give this little book two thumbs up. 😉 Garden Gnomes: A History

Product Description

Garden Gnomes Book Review This is the intriguing story of garden gnomes and how they have come to reside in the flowerbeds of gardens across Britain. Originating in Europe, gnomes made the leap across the channel in the nineteenth century, where they were welcomed warmly by wealthy Brits who saw them as the must-have garden accessory. But the fortunes of the humble gnome were not to last, and they soon found themselves sneered at by serious gardeners. Turned away from fashionable gardens, the little gnomes found a friend in many a working class gardener, who adopted them in increasing numbers, and in a variety of humorous poses. Today, gnomes are as popular with the masses as ever, and this entertaining illustrated history will appeal to those who love, and hate, these small bearded characters.

About the Author

Twigs Way (yes – this is the author’s pseudonym) is a garden historian and writer, and the author of a number of books on garden subjects, including Crocodiles in the Fernery and Allotments. The author lives in Cambridge, England.

A delightful little book, indeed. Click here to learn more or order a copy now: Garden Gnomes: A History


  1. Luke Yancey says:

    I never knew that garden gnomes originated in Europe and were first favored by wealthy people! I’ve always been really curious about where they came from. I think I will look into buying this book to learn a little more. Thank you for your quick review!

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