Can I Use Hypertufa For Making A Waterfall?

Is Hypertufa Waterproof?
Can It Be Exposed To Water 24/7?

Ken emailed and asked:

Is hypertufa a good choice for construction material for a waterfall? Is it waterproof enough to withstand the constant exposure to water?

Because of it’s easy use, I would like to build the spillways out of hypertufa. Please advise.

My reply:
Hello Ken:
Thank you for contacting me and I can tell you that hypertufa may not be the “best” choice for the spillways. I am not saying don’t use it, but be very aware that the peat moss in ‘tufa is meant to decompose, leaving the pits and crevices and tiny HOLES that is inherent in real Tufa rock.

rocky pond waterfallSo …. what if a hole or crevice ends up in not the best spot, and you have a leakage problem on-up-the-road? Think about that. Perhaps using a concrete recipe would do you better in the long run.

But! It doesn’t mean not to use it. I am just telling you of a potential issue to consider. I am aware of people using hypertufa for spillways, however I have NO knowledge of how long their project held up.

If your recipe is properly concocted, and you allow the spillways to cure properly before subjecting them to 24/7 water exposure, you should have no problems. But of course everything hinges upon your attention to details and level of expertise for a project like this.

You might also want to apply a good quality water-proofing sealant … again making sure everything has cured and dried properly before sealing and letting the water flow.

**And don’t forget about the alkalinity issues that can adversely affect (kill) pond fish and plants. Again … cure it properly. I have written an article that will give you more information on this issue: Hypertufa Curing tips for Ponds & Waterfalls.

Good luck!

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