How to Make Sure Embellishments Won't Fall Out

Hypertufa & Concrete Projects Tip How to Make Embedded Items Stay Stuck! I received an email from Julie asking me: Hi, my friend and I made our first hypertufa batches the other night, using a couple of your recipes, and want to make more. My question: I want to put some glass stones and other things like nails on the outside of some pots and … [Read more...]

Decorative Paint Tip For Concrete Planter

What Kind Of Paint Can I Use For A Tuscan Look On My Grey Concrete Planter? Gabby emailed me asking: Hello, can you help me find the right type of paint for a large concrete planter? It is grey concrete and I want to achieve a tuscan look. Also where do I buy this paint? Thank you sooooo much ... Gabby My reply: Hi Gabby: I will be … [Read more...]

How To Make Decorative Stepping Stones

Questions About A Concrete Stepping Stone Project I received an email from Hilda who asked: I was delighted to find the information you provide on your website. I am making stepping stones from a silicon mold. They are basically 10" x 10" and 2" thick. I need the "details/design" to appear of course. I wonder which recipe would be best and … [Read more...]

What Release Agents Work Best For Hypertufa Or Concrete Garden Art Projects?

A Garden Art Crafter Asks “What Release Oil Do You Recommend?” Harold emailed me and asked: What is the barrier or release oil that you recommend for hypertufa or concrete garden art projects? Thanks! My reply: Hello Harold: If you refer to the following page on my website, approximately half way down the page you will see where I have listed a … [Read more...]

Can I Use Hypertufa To Repair Cracking Concrete In My Garden Pond

Hypertufa Can Be Used To Repair ConcreteBut There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind I received this email: My 14-year old pond is showing signs of wear ... the initial waterfall & trough were made of dyed concrete supplemented with mountain rocks. The concrete has some cracks and the mortar between the rocks is pulling away. Can hypertufa be … [Read more...]

Help! I Broke The Head Off A Statue! How To Repair?

Concrete Statue RepairHow To Reattach A Broken Concrete Statue Head I received an email asking for help: I accidentely knocked the head off of a statue. :( Is there anything I can use to reattach it? It was my late Mother's and I really need to fix it. Thank you for your answer. Irene My reply: Hi Irene: Thank you for contacting me and I … [Read more...]

Hypertufa & Concrete Hollow Garden Sphere Project – When To Deflate The Ball

When Should I Deflate The Ball When MakingA Hypertufa Or Concrete Hollow Garden Sphere? I received an email from Charlotte who asked: Did I miss something in understanding the concrete and hypertufa garden spheres instructions? Doesn't the ball have to be deflated? If so - at what point? I'm so new at this that I would probably make a really … [Read more...]

Making A Water Fountain – Which Recipe Is Best?

Hypertufa or Concrete? Will Peat Moss Be A Good Addition For My Recipe? I received an email from Ya'aneh asking: Hi, i would like to make a water fountain. Large bowl on the bottom, then smaller bowl in the middle and smaller one on top. Could you tell me the recipe for the right concrete to use? I was wondering if a peat moss one would work? … [Read more...]

Right Kind Of Paint To Use For Concrete Water Fountain?

I Want To Daub Paint A Concrete Water Fountain ... I received this email from Steve who asked: Hi you have a great web site. I am planning on daubing/painting a large water fountain. Can you tell me what kind of paint I should use. The fountain is made of concrete. And what method would you use for this project. Thanks Steve My reply: Hi … [Read more...]

Hypertufa & Concrete – Peat Moss Substitutes & Waterproofing Tips

A Budding Concrete Sculptor Asks Some Questions I received two emails from Eugen who asked (please note English is not his primary language :)  it isn't because he is such a bad typist!): I have a question - where from peat moss , and if that could be replaced by another material wayting for your suggestions, thank you in advance, yours, … [Read more...]