Inspiration for Trying Vertical Gardening

Vertical Wall Gardening Ideas I don't know if you're aware of vertical gardening, also called vertical wall gardening, but maybe you should be! It's a really neat concept, and one that can be done on a small scale, on up to grand proportions. Flowers, herbs, or succulents can be grown in the "cubbies" (sections) that are filled with rich … [Read more...]

DIY Vertical Garden Using a Recycled Wooden Pallet

Easy DIY Project to Create A Bee and Butterfly Friendly Pallet Garden Oh ... I love this idea for 3 reasons: 1) it's an easy do-it-yourself project; 2) it utilizes a recycled item; and 3) it helps attract beneficial bees and butterflies! … [Read more...]

Water Absorbing Crystals For Container Garden Soil

How to Increase Moisture in Container Garden Soil I thought I'd talk about a great product you may not have heard of before - water crystals, aka water gel - that can make your outdoor container gardening watering requirements a bit easier. These little white granules are a type of absorbent polymer that can absorb up to 400 or 500 times their … [Read more...]

Winterizing Outdoor Containers – Avoid Damage From Freeze/Thaw Conditions

The Temperatures are Dropping to Freezing for Many of Us - Get Your Terra Cotta Containers Protected Since so many of us live in parts of the USA and elsewhere in the world where the temperatures are really starting to dip low, I thought I'd provide some important winterizing tips for terra cotta (also called clay) pots. … [Read more...]

Dish Gardening – A Fun DIY Project For Young & Old

Miniature Dish Garden How-tos Dish gardening is quite a popular hobby. Have you ever tried to make one? If not, I’ll walk you through the basic steps (it’s really not difficult at all to do!). But first, I received a nice email awhile back from Pearl who wrote: Hi ... I've been working on garden miniatures for garden dishes. Been having a … [Read more...]

Container Water Garden With Koi – Is This A Good Idea?

A Condo Owner Would Like A Water Feature On Her Porch And Asks How She Can Make One I recevied an email from Jean asking me: I would like to do a container garden with plants and koi on my porch. I live in a condo and I'd like to do one that is made with clear or semi-clear glass so I can enjoy both the fish and the plants when I'm on my … [Read more...]

All About Water Garden Plants

Why Not Try Aquatic Gardening For Beautiful Container Displays You've Got The Perfect Container ... What Water Garden Plants Should You Choose? It really isn't a difficult task to pick water plants that will not only look beautiful but perform well for you over the course of your growing season. Whether you live where … [Read more...]

An Easy Container Water Garden

Long-Lasting And Trouble-Free Garden Water Plants Display No Room For A Garden Pond?How About A Container Water Garden? Thinking about adding a water feature to your garden? One great idea is to add a container water garden – it’s the easiest way to bring the beauty of water and plants into your outdoor environment without having to dig a … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Repair Techniques

Save That Favorite or Expensive Cracked Pot NOW Before It Gets Worse! Oh-Oh, A Crack In A Favorite Garden Pot ... Is Terra Cotta Repair Possible? Yes, Fortunately It Is Cracks can happen to a favorite (and normally expensive) garden pot at any time. Being left outside in winter to freeze and thaw numerous times isn't the only culprit of … [Read more...]

How to Grow Moss Technique

Enhancing Your Garden Pottery and Hypertufa Planters With Moss Many Gardeners "Age" Planters By Encouraging The Growth Of Moss How to grow moss on your garden pottery, clay, terra cotta, concrete or hypertufa planters and the like is not at all difficult. You'll see by the following concoctions that all ingredients are … [Read more...]