Custom Potting Soil Recipes

Make Great Potting Soil For Healthy & Happy Container Plants This Article Offers Potting Soil Recipes Specifically Geared To Six Different Plant Types & Soil Sterilization How-Tos A large part of the ongoing healthy growth for all container plants lies in the quality of the potting soil used. For instance, some plant types need a more … [Read more...]

Container Potting Soil Requirements

To Grow Healthy Container Plants, You've Got To Have Good Soil What Type Of Potting Soil Is Best For Healthy, Long-Lasting Container Gardening? The first part of the answer is: probably not the soil from your garden. The soil from your garden most likely is not acceptable to use in your container plantings. Why? Most gardens have soil that … [Read more...]

Winter Container Gardening

Don't Let Freezing Temperatures Crack Your Garden Pots & Planters! Wintertime Outdoor Planter Maintenance Colder temperatures can be very detrimental to our container gardening planters. Some care and attention to them is necessary when the temps start to dip below 40°F (4°C). You've spent good money and possibly a lot of time decorating … [Read more...]

Winter Container Garden Survival

Guidelines To Help You Maintain Attractive Container Gardens In Winter Survival Guidelines For Your Containerized Plants In Cold Or Freezing Temperatures You can be successful with outdoor plants during colder temps. Winter container garden guidelines are rather simple. A rule of thumb for cold hardiness in a container is to DEDUCT one … [Read more...]

Designing A Container Garden

Concepts & Design Considerations For A Visually Pleasing Arrangement There Are Three Basic Elements To Consider When Designing A Container Garden The three basic elements are: the container (or containers) you want to use; the plants; and the location where you'll place them. If we pay attention to making sure all aspects … [Read more...]

Designing A Container Garden

From Potted Flowers To Showy Tropical Displays... There Are No Rules Designing a container garden can be as simple as adding a grouping of terra cotta pots planted with a colorful array of annual flowers, to carrying the concept to the max by planting almost everything in your garden in wonderfully arranged containers for a bold design … [Read more...]