DIY Vertical Garden Using a Recycled Wooden Pallet

Easy DIY Project to Create A Bee and Butterfly Friendly Pallet Garden Oh ... I love this idea for 3 reasons: 1) it's an easy do-it-yourself project; 2) it utilizes a recycled item; and 3) it helps attract beneficial bees and butterflies! … [Read more...]

DIY Bamboo Bench Idea

A Very Cool Do-It-Yourself Idea for a Spectacular Bamboo Bench Wow, I came upon this too-cool bamboo bench in my online trek through various garden blogs and websites today. There are so many creative DIY ideas sitting out there, helping to inspire those of us who love to "make it ourselves" or who want to save a few bucks, thus "MUST make it … [Read more...]

Horticultural Oil Recipes – My Guest Post on Our Daily Green

Hi Everyone. Today I thought I'd repost a guest blog article I wrote for Kim over at Our Daily Green. So, without further ado ... here it is in it's entirety. … [Read more...]

Large Concrete Faux Rock Stepping Stones – How to Make Them?

How to Make Super-Large Concrete Stepping Stones for a Walkway Judy V. emailed the other day and asked: While I have made hypertufas and concrete leaf castings with great success I am about to try faux rock concrete slabs [stepping stones] for use in a walkway. Some of these will be close to 4 feet in width so I will have to make them in place. I … [Read more...]

How-to Tips For Making Hypertufa Flagstones For A Patio

D-I-Y Hypertufa Flagstone Project Questions I received an email from a sweet lady named P.J. asking me about how doable a "large" DIY hypertufa flagstone project might be and I think lots of you can benefit from her questions and my answers. So here goes: Hi Claudia, I love your website and blog and I have been reading all your info about … [Read more...]

Wooden Garden Gate Idea Using Large Branches

A DIY Idea for Constructing a Wooden Garden Gate - An Element of Functional Art for Your Garden Hey everyone. I've had this photo in my files for some time now (yup - I save up photos as I stumble upon them if I think they'll be of interest to y'all ;) ) and am trying to clean up my "to be filed" folder. I decided to post this today because for a … [Read more...]

Do-It-Yourself Tomato Cage – Make One With Copper Tubing

Those Whimpy (And Ugly!) Wire Tomato Cages Really Aren't Big Enough Or Strong Enough! So let's make good looking, sturdy and long lasting cages from copper tubing! Right after I posted the Copper Trellis Project the other day, I received a nice email from Odile saying: Hi Claudia, I have been a subscriber to your Artistic Gardener newsletter and … [Read more...]

Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellents

Say Goodbye To Toxic DEET Bug Sprays And Hello To A Safe Homemade Repellent Here in my part of of the USA, it's time for the moquitoes to start rearing their ugly little heads. As a matter of fact, I got my first bite two days ago, while being outside ONLY ONE MINUTE to empty my kitchen scraps into the compost bin! :-x I don't know about you, … [Read more...]

A Copper Trellis Project

How About A Copper Trellis For Your Garden? Need a nifty idea on how to make an attractive looking trellis for your tomato or viney-type plants? Use copper tubing that you can find at any "big box" store or plumbing supply store. The neat thing about copper is that if you don't coat it with a clear sealant, it'll get a wonderful greenish patina … [Read more...]

DIY Garden Hose Guides From PVC

My Friend Tom's Simple & CheapDIY Garden Hose Guides Saved His 'Maters Hey everyone, this is a great and cheap-o (we like that, don't we ;) ) idea sent to me just yesterday from my longtime Texas friend Tom Vanderzyl. Tom and his dear wife Alice have themselves a wonderful new home and for the first time in many years are able to put in a … [Read more...]