Clay Pot Man Project – Can I Use Plastic Pots?

Are Plastic Pots OK To Use Instead of Clay PotsFor A Pot Person Project? Stan emailed me and asked: You have a great website! Just a question about making a pot man. Do you recommend using the plastic pots at all, or just strictly the clay? Thanks for the help. Stan My reply: Hello Stan: Think about this … plastic pots do not weigh … [Read more...]

Easy Garden Stepping Stones Project

A Simple Technique and A Very Simple Cement & Dirt Recipe Making Faux Rock Garden Stepping Stones Isn't All That Hard The great thing about this garden stepping stones project is that it's easier than some other DIY projects because you don't need to make a form. You merely dig and shape a depression into the ground (hopefully you have a … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Repair Techniques

Save That Favorite or Expensive Cracked Pot NOW Before It Gets Worse! Oh-Oh, A Crack In A Favorite Garden Pot ... Is Terra Cotta Repair Possible? Yes, Fortunately It Is Cracks can happen to a favorite (and normally expensive) garden pot at any time. Being left outside in winter to freeze and thaw numerous times isn't the only culprit of … [Read more...]

How to Grow Moss Technique

Enhancing Your Garden Pottery and Hypertufa Planters With Moss Many Gardeners "Age" Planters By Encouraging The Growth Of Moss How to grow moss on your garden pottery, clay, terra cotta, concrete or hypertufa planters and the like is not at all difficult. You'll see by the following concoctions that all ingredients are … [Read more...]

My Experience With Skin Cancer

I Never Thought I'd Hear "You Have Basal Cell Carcinoma" This Happy Gardener Is Now Sun-Shy Skin cancer is becoming more and more prevalent. You DO NOT want to be diagnosed with any type of cancer, not even a spot of basal cell carcinoma ... trust me. None of us can afford to neglect to protect ourselves when we venture out into the sun. … [Read more...]