Coffee Grounds – Wonderful Organic Garden Fertilizer

Don't Throw Away Used Coffee Grounds — Put Them to Use in Your Garden If you're looking for an organic, totally eco-friendly fertilizer for your garden plants, then give used coffee grounds a try. Used coffee grounds are slightly acidic and full of beneficial nitrogen, a mineral that aids vegetable and plant growth. Coffee grounds are especially … [Read more...]

Vermiculite for Hypertufa Recipes or Gardening Purposes

Vermiculite - An Ingredient in Some Hypertufa Recipes and a Great Additive for Garden Soil I get emails from time-to-time asking where to find vermiculite, which is mentioned as an ingredient in many hypertufa recipes, such as two that are provided in my article: Four Great Hypertufa Recipes. So I thought I'd provide some background information … [Read more...]

Horticultural Oil Recipes – My Guest Post on Our Daily Green

Hi Everyone. Today I thought I'd repost a guest blog article I wrote for Kim over at Our Daily Green. So, without further ado ... here it is in it's entirety. … [Read more...]

Drying Herbs and Roots

Proper Collecting and Drying Techniques Are Very Easy To Do How To Harvest and Preserve Herbs & Roots For Cooking amd Natural Remedies Drying herbs and roots to preserve them for future use is not a difficult task. A few simple steps are all you need to know in order to be successful. You'll capture the highest … [Read more...]