Easy Outdoor Water Features

Ideal For Small Spaces, Balconeys, or To Add Interest to Your Backyard If you don’t already have an outdoor water feature in your garden, then you’ve just got to go ahead and purchase or make yourself one this year! A beautiful 3-tiered water fountain; water bubbling up in an attractive container; … [Read more...]

Introduction To Koi Fish Care

It's Almost All About Water Quality ... Believe It or Not Learn Before You Leap Into Koi Keeping! Maintaining Healthy Fish Is Your #1 Goal There is no way to keep koi healthy (or alive) for very long in sub-par conditions. But unfortunately, this is the way most of us first start out! Most people who get bitten with "koi fever" are … [Read more...]

Garden Pond Water Spitters

Basic Installation Know-How & Other Important Tips A Simple Way to Add A Little Bit of Splash Garden pond water spitters ... ahhhh, I can hear the soothing sound of splashing water right now. There's that simple stream of water shooting into your container water garden or pond. For sure, this type of outdoor water … [Read more...]

Garden Pond Water Basics

Learning About Healthy Pond Water NOW Is The Smartest Approach Let's Understand "Good" vs. "Bad" Water Quality I am the happy owner of a backyard garden pond. I love it! I happen to focus on the hobby of Koi, so in my particular situation the quality of my pond water is all important. Now, this being said, it is also very important to … [Read more...]

Garden Pond Water Temperatures

Water Temperature Can Be A Cause of Fish Stress Don't Stress Out Your Fish! Whether your garden pond is 75 gallons or a wonderful (yes I am jealous!) 5000 gallons, being aware of it's pond water TEMPERATURE is very important. That is if you want plants or even more importantly, ornamental fish, such as shubunkins or Koi to live … [Read more...]

A Garden Pond… Articles & Advice

An Introduction To Building an Easy To Maintain & Enjoyable Pond Keeping Your Water Garden Plants, Pond Fish & Koi Healthy and Thriving For Years To Come The enjoyment of having a beautiful garden pond is luring more and more of us into this interesting and often challenging hobby. Ponds of all sizes, from … [Read more...]

Pond Liners: Install The Right Kind

Garden Ponds Are Wonderful ... Design Them To Be Trouble Free :-) Don't Skimp On The Quality Or The Price When It Comes To Your Liner Choice Garden pond liners ... there are many choices yet quite honestly, little if any options if you don't want trouble in a very short time-frame. Purchasing the wrong liner, whether made from too-thin … [Read more...]

Build A Garden Pond Waterfall

Hypertufa Can Be Used - But There Are Important Curing Steps To Follow How To To Properly Cure A Garden Pond Waterfall So It's Safe For Pond Fish & Koi I receive many emails each week from folks who have visited Artistic Garden, and often their questions are something that I think "hmmm ... I ought to write an article about that!" So … [Read more...]

Battling Pond Water Organisms

Poor Water Quality Allows These Nasties To Take Over & Make Fish Sick One Of The Biggest Culprits In Sick Pond Fish Are Pond Water Organisms These nasties, more commonly referred to as pond water parasites, are an all-too-frequent cause of Koi and pond fish problems, and very often death. Parasites can become a big problem in garden … [Read more...]

Protect Your Expensive Pond Liner!

Even The Smallest Puncture Can Wreck Havoc In Your Garden Pond Pond Liners: Don't Install Liner Until The Underlayment Has Been Laid Simply put, the underlayment serves as an important protective barrier for your pond liner. An underlayment is installed after you've dug out your pond and before you lay the liner. Its primary purpose is to … [Read more...]