I Tried Hypertufa But My Project Crumbled Apart!

A Frustrated Hypertufa Trough Maker Seeks Helpful Advice I received an email this week asking me: A friend and I tried one of your basic hypertufa recipes without adding the fiber mesh. Our results are very crumbly. I think we goofed by not using it, right? Where does one find fiber mesh? NewLearner --------------- My reply: Hi … [Read more...]

Where To Find Silica Fume & Poly Fibers

Sometimes These 2 Ingredients are Hard to Get Your Hands On I often get asked by many hypertufa and concrete garden art enthusiasts where to find "silica fume" and "poly fibers", also referred to as "fiber mesh". Depending where you live, it may or may not be very easy to lay your hands on this stuff. … [Read more...]

Hollow Garden Sphere Mold Question

Please Explain Deflatable Balls for Making Hypertufa or Concrete Hollow Garden Spheres I received an email from Debbie asking me: In the instructions given for the Hypertufa Hollow Garden Sphere, one of the materials needed was a deflatable ball. Can you advise me where I would get such a ball? What size does it come in and what type material is … [Read more...]

Concrete & Hypertufa Leaf Fountain Making Tips

A Reader Asks Construction Questions About ADecorative Cast Leaf Fountain I received an email from Jan R. asking me: Hi there, I want to make a hypertufa leaf or concrete leaf fountain. After the leaves are made how would I form the fountain and to what? Got any ideas? Thank you for your time. … [Read more...]

Hypertufa Boulders For A Waterfall Construction

Hypertufa Rocks ProjectMaking Hypertufa Boulders for a Waterfall I received an email from Carole M. asking me: Could hypertufa be used to create boulders to be used on a waterfall on a pool? We built one that needs help. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Using Hypertufa To Resurface Flaking Terra Cotta

A Reader Asks If She Can Successfully Use HypertufaTo Bring New Life To Her Strawberry Jar I received an email from Lael asking me: I have a terracotta strawberry jar that is flaking off on the surface. I want to cover it with hypertufa. I would use about 1/2" to 1" layer, and leave the jar in place. Do you think that would work? I love your site … [Read more...]

Massive Hypertufa Rock Installation

More About Marjin's Use Of Hypertufa Rocks for His Alpine Garden Installation A couple of days ago I posted about one awe inspiring use of hypertufa for a garden wall and house and alert blog reader Nancy did some nosing around on the internet (thanks, Nancy!) and found a link to the crafter's website www.v-d-brink.eu and there happens to be a … [Read more...]

Incredible Hypertufa House & Garden Wall

If You've Wondered How Durable Hypertufa Really Is ...Take A Look At These Photos While doing some research the other day that had nothing to do with hypertufa, I came across a search result that caught my attention, clicked on it and started to scan everything that was posted there. The photos and comments centered around a conference that took … [Read more...]

Concrete Reacts Differently With Various Metals

Be Aware Of How Portland Cement Or Mortar In Your Recipe Will React To Various Metals I received a question from a crafter who had read my post about using hypertufa to skim coat vertical walls. She has a metal shed that she'd like to use the technqiue on and wondered if it would work in her situation. I told her I'd found and saved some … [Read more...]

A Hypertufa Recipe's #1 Cause For Failure – Water!

Avoiding Project Mishaps When Adding Water To Your Dry Hypertufa Ingredients Without a doubt, the amount of water mixed in with the dry hypertufa recipe's ingredients is the most critical and determining factor of success or failure! Let's call it your "make it or break it" ingredient. Why do I say this, you ask? Well ... Nearly every crafter … [Read more...]