How to Clean Dirty Terra Cotta Garden Art Items

How to Properly Clean & Seal Terra Cotta Medallions I received an email from Gerry asking me: Hello, How are you? I currently have the 6.5”x6.6” terra cotta medallions as shown on your website. Apparently, the contractor never sealed them after installation and as a result they get dirty easy and require a lot of maintenance. I would like … [Read more...]

Woman Wields Welding Torch To Make Garden Art

Metal Garden Art Fish Welded by an Alaskan Female Gardener - You Go Girl! I love it when I see women break away from fearing heavy-duty type industrial equipment like welding torches! Yeah, I don't care what is said about "we've come a long way, baby!" in terms of women's lib (is that terminology dating me, or what?? Yes ... I did march up 5th … [Read more...]

Ladybug Bowling Balls

Readers Comments Prompted Me To Find Painted Ladybug Ideas Liz and Krista left comments on my blog post how to paint bowling balls about bowling balls painted to look like ladybugs. Krista said she saw a project in a magazine, but couldn't remember what magazine. So, this nudged me into trying to help some more and see what I could find, and … [Read more...]

What's A Good Sealant For A Bird Bath?

How to Seal & Protect Painted Colors On A Concrete or Resin Bird Bath I received an email yesterday from Jan asking me: I have a couple of questions. 1. I want to seal a resin decorative bird bath & protect the colors from the sun exposure. I need a sealer that is safe and non toxic for birds and would prefer a spray. Do you have any … [Read more...]

A Decorative Paint Finish To Revive A 100-Year Old Jug

A Reader Asks For Ideas To Repaint A Very Old Water Jug I received an email from Yogesh, asking for help with trying his hand at applying a decorative paint technique of some sort to a 100-year old pot he really wanted to repaint. That first email didn't have enough information for me to properly answer him, so I asked him to email me again with … [Read more...]

Decorative Paint Tip For Concrete Planter

What Kind Of Paint Can I Use For A Tuscan Look On My Grey Concrete Planter? Gabby emailed me asking: Hello, can you help me find the right type of paint for a large concrete planter? It is grey concrete and I want to achieve a tuscan look. Also where do I buy this paint? Thank you sooooo much ... Gabby My reply: Hi Gabby: I will be … [Read more...]

Does Sealing The Inside Of Clay Pots Affect The Plants?

A Concerned Crafter Asks What Paint Product SealantsAre Recommended For Garden Pots I received an email from Beth asking: First of all I have to tell you I absolutely love your website. I just found it yesterday and am really enjoying all of your information. Question ... does sealing the inside of clay or terra cotta pots affect the plants at … [Read more...]

Garden Art Project – How To Paint Bowling Balls

Garden Art Or Junk Art ...Painted Bowling Balls Are Really A Fun & Funky Look In the Garden I recevied this email from Freddie who asked: I found your website by accident and I love it. I love trying new garden art projects, especially junk garden art! I have tried to make garden spheres many times....some came out better than others....and this … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Pot – Decorative Paint Project Question

What Is The Best Method To Seal Off The Interior Of A Terra Cotta Pot? I received an email from Leslie asking: This is a fantastic website, extremely helpful. I have found the articles in the Decorative Paint Techniques category very informative. THANKS! My question: I am using gauze fabric and modpodge and then painting over it with airbrush … [Read more...]

Painting Hypertufa Tips

How Do I Paint My Hypertufa Sphere? Korenv posted and asked me: Hello, I've just completed my hypertufa sphere project, as per your hollow sphere instructions on The-Artistic-Garden website. It's in the process of curing. I made one before this using a liquid cement colorant, which was alright, but a little drab. On my current sphere, I'd like … [Read more...]