How To Texture Paint Terra Cotta

I Discovered An Unusual Use For This Commercial Building Product Using Patching Compound For Creating 3-D Decorative Paint Technique Embellishments How to paint terra cotta with a durable, textured pattern? OK ... I'll tell you the "secret" ingredient in this decorative paint technique that allows me to create raised, 3-dimensional … [Read more...]

A Patching Compound Technique

or... The Story of the Terra Cotta Pot and the Cake Decorating Tube A 3-Dimensional Decorative Paint Technique How did I ever come up with a decorative paint technique project like this one, you ask?A raised, 3-dimensional paint texture? On a terra cotta pot? Yup! :-) All you need is some masonry/stucco repair … [Read more...]

Handy DIY Paint Project Supplies

You Don't Need To Spend A Lot of Money On Painting Supplies Affordable Do-It-Yourself Paint Project Supplies List You needn't spend a lot for any of these easily obtained paint project supplies that you'll need in order to accomplish the art projects I share with you here. I've told you before -- I'm not a schooled artist, so whatever I … [Read more...]