Painting Terra Cotta & Clay Pots

Preparation Tips For Long Lasting Results Painting on terra cotta or clay doesn't really require any special treatment if your garden art object is brand new. 9-times-out-of-10 it'll be clean enough and you'll be able to apply the base coat from the get-go. Obviously, if your terra cotta or clay object has already been used outside, you'll … [Read more...]

DIY Sponge Painting Technique

Easy Terra Cotta Garden Art Craft Project Sponge Painting Is A Simple Decorative Paint Technique You Can Use To Transform An Ordinary Garden Art Object Into Something Uniquely Yours This painted finish is accomplished by applying one or more layers of color onto your terra cotta or plastic garden art object. For our purposes, this painting … [Read more...]

DIY Rusted Faux Finish

How To Make Metal Rust Without Using Dangerous Chemicals An Easy Technique That Makes Steel, Iron or Tin Rust "... how can I make metal get rusty looking but without having to buy expensive spray paints?" I get a number of emails each month asking me if there is a faux paint finish, or some sort of other decorative painted … [Read more...]

How to Paint Terra Cotta Pots

Follow These Simple Steps For Long Lasting Outdoor Use Maybe It Sounds Simple, But You've Got To Know How To Paint Terra Cotta Correctly If You Want Your Decorative Painting Efforts To Last A few simple guidelines assure that your painted technique will continue to look attractive for years to come. And if you're painting a garden … [Read more...]

Daubing Paint Technique

Definition: To Spread Something Roughly Or Unevenly Onto A Surface The Simplest of All The Decorative Paint Techniques * Paint Daubing * Daubing is one of the easiest and most effective decorative paint techniques you can do. This painted finish is accomplished by applying one or more layers of color onto your garden art object. For … [Read more...]

How To Texture Paint Terra Cotta

I Discovered An Unusual Use For This Commercial Building Product Using Patching Compound For Creating 3-D Decorative Paint Technique Embellishments How to paint terra cotta with a durable, textured pattern? OK ... I'll tell you the "secret" ingredient in this decorative paint technique that allows me to create raised, 3-dimensional … [Read more...]

A Patching Compound Technique

or... The Story of the Terra Cotta Pot and the Cake Decorating Tube A 3-Dimensional Decorative Paint Technique How did I ever come up with a decorative paint technique project like this one, you ask?A raised, 3-dimensional paint texture? On a terra cotta pot? Yup! :-) All you need is some masonry/stucco repair … [Read more...]