Used CD's for a Glittery Garden Globe

A Too-Cool Idea to Turn a Styrofoam Ball & Used CD's Into an Eye-Catching Garden Globe I can't take credit for this project, though I've toyed with the idea of recycling a plain looking gazing ball into something more spectacular by gluing on mirrored pieces, mosaics or other what-have-yous. Just never had the time to get it a try. … [Read more...]

Creative DIY Summertime Wreaths

Dress Up Your Garden - Make a Pretty or a Funky Wreath Sometimes there are DIY garden art ideas that I come across that are worth sharing. And today is one of those instances. I was wondering what I wanted to write about, and when I saw these two ideas I just had to pass them on to you. … [Read more...]

DIY Bamboo Bench Idea

A Very Cool Do-It-Yourself Idea for a Spectacular Bamboo Bench Wow, I came upon this too-cool bamboo bench in my online trek through various garden blogs and websites today. There are so many creative DIY ideas sitting out there, helping to inspire those of us who love to "make it ourselves" or who want to save a few bucks, thus "MUST make it … [Read more...]

Christmas Wreaths – Easy Decorative Wreaths

Here are Three Attractive, Simple & Frugal DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas With the holidays looming before us, many of us are still adding final touches to our homes. Sometimes a wreath is all it takes to add a bit of holiday flair to a lonesome spot that's begging to be decorated. With this in mind, I was looking around online for some easy, … [Read more...]

Wind Chime Made from a Coffee Cup or Tea Mug

A Really Cool Wind Chime Project Hi everyone. I often come across really creative and not too hard to do garden art projects that I'd love to try to make, and I also know there must be lots of you out there who do have the the time and would like to make something new and unique. … [Read more...]

Making Tall And Impressive Garden Art Sculptures

For Those of You Wondering About How Large a Hypertufa or Concrete Sculpture Can Be ... I get asked just how large you can make a hypertufa or concrete garden art object more than a couple times each month, and my standard answer to everyone is simply, "As large as YOU are capable of making it." :) I'm not trying to be smart or curt with that … [Read more...]

My Homemade Mailbox Christmas Holiday Decoration

I'm No Super Artsy Crafter -Here's the Mailbox Decoration I Made From Scratch I thought I'd share information on making homemade mailbox decorations for the Holidays, because often times we either don't have the time to put up all the outdoor decorations we've amassed over the years, or we really just don't have the enthusiasm or physical ability … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Mailbox For The Holidays

DIY Christmas Decorations to Add Some Holiday Cheer to Your Lonely Mailbox I decorate my mailbox each year for the Holiday season, one reason being because I don't go semi-wild stringing lights all over my house anymore. (I used to ... but now I just don't care to deal with the heavy ladder and everything else involved.) But, so as not to have a … [Read more...]

Garden Gnomes – Fun Outdoor Display Ideas

A Reader Shares Some Garden Gnome Photos I received an email the other day from Pat, one of the many The-Artistic-Garden friends who contact me to share their ideas and photos. Pat thought we'd all enjoy seeing these gnome photos, and I agreed. So here goes: Hi Claudia, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your web site and also to send … [Read more...]

Woman Wields Welding Torch To Make Garden Art

Metal Garden Art Fish Welded by an Alaskan Female Gardener - You Go Girl! I love it when I see women break away from fearing heavy-duty type industrial equipment like welding torches! Yeah, I don't care what is said about "we've come a long way, baby!" in terms of women's lib (is that terminology dating me, or what?? Yes ... I did march up 5th … [Read more...]