Christmas Wreaths – Easy Decorative Wreaths

Here are Three Attractive, Simple & Frugal DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas With the holidays looming before us, many of us are still adding final touches to our homes. Sometimes a wreath is all it takes to add a bit of holiday flair to a lonesome spot that's begging to be decorated. With this in mind, I was looking around online for some easy, … [Read more...]

Clay Pot Woman Instructions Wanted

Clay Pot Woman - Do You Have Project Instructions? I received an email from Renee who asked: Quite a while ago I saw directions for a terra cotta (clay) woman pot person. Then my house burned down and I lost the directions. Do you have directions for a woman pot person? Thank you. My reply: Hi Renee: Thank you for contacting me and I am … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Pot Dog Project

DIY Garden Art Crafts Project Using New or Old Clay or Terra Cotta Pots Arf! Arf! .... How Do I Make A Pot Dog? I've gotten a lot of emails asking me to explain how to make the clay pot dog as you see here, so I thought it was about time I add the instructions to my website to make the how-tos available for anyone interested. I have … [Read more...]

DIY Sponge Painting Technique

Easy Terra Cotta Garden Art Craft Project Sponge Painting Is A Simple Decorative Paint Technique You Can Use To Transform An Ordinary Garden Art Object Into Something Uniquely Yours This painted finish is accomplished by applying one or more layers of color onto your terra cotta or plastic garden art object. For our purposes, this painting … [Read more...]

How to Paint Terra Cotta Pots

Follow These Simple Steps For Long Lasting Outdoor Use Maybe It Sounds Simple, But You've Got To Know How To Paint Terra Cotta Correctly If You Want Your Decorative Painting Efforts To Last A few simple guidelines assure that your painted technique will continue to look attractive for years to come. And if you're painting a garden … [Read more...]

Solid Garden Sphere Project

You Can Utilize Left-Over Recipe Ingredients For This Craft Project A Garden Sphere Made With Hypertufa Or Concrete Is Always An Interesting Garden Art Decoration. This project is really not too much of a challenge to have come out looking great. Even young children can have the fun of making a sphere (with an adult's supervision for … [Read more...]

Hollow Concrete Garden Sphere

Super Tips & Advice To Cast 'Em Big and Beautiful! There are a few techniques you need to know before casting a hollow garden sphere made from concrete. These great tips will help insure that your creation comes out looking like you are a pro. You won't find these garden sphere tips and tricks mentioned on other "how-to" sites. I want to … [Read more...]

How to Make a Hollow Garden Sphere

Let Me Share My Tips To Help Your Project Be A Success! I think that a garden sphere made with hypertufa or concrete is one of the neatest garden art items you can make. Not only are round objects always interesting in a garden space, but there is a little bit of a challenge to have it come out looking great. This article will discuss the … [Read more...]

Reflections From A Garden Mirror

Add The Illusion of Extra Space and Beautifully Reflect Your Flowers The Next Piece Of Garden Art I Am Getting Ready To Add To My Outdoor Space Is A Garden Mirror Ever since I saw a rustic looking, rather beat-up mirror hanging on a garden wall, I knew I was going to have one, too. I love how this unexpected piece of home décor lends … [Read more...]

The Art of Faux Bois

Faux Bois Translates to "False Wood" or "Fake Wood" Faux Bois Is The Art Of Molding And SculptingNatural Looking Wood Textures In Concrete To Produce Functional Art Items This is an almost forgotten art form. I can assure you very few hypertufa or concrete crafters even know what faux bois means, let alone that it is an art form unto itself. … [Read more...]