Do-It-Yourself Garden Crafts

Alphabetical Project Listings In an effort to make it easy to find or review many of the creative do-it-yourself garden crafts projects on my site, I've constructed this page with you in mind. You will find many links to other projects and/or helpful tips on the project pages, too. Have fun investigating these do-it-yourself garden craft … [Read more...]

Terra Cotta Pot People

DIY Garden Art Craft Project Using New or Old Terra Cotta or Clay Pots Human Sized, Child Sized, Even Crafted Into A Whimsical Animal Shape ... This Garden Art Crafts Project Is Fun For All Ages I'm going to walk you through a very popular terra cotta pot crafts project — how to make "Pot People". These garden art decorations can be as … [Read more...]

Build A Garden Pond Waterfall

Hypertufa Can Be Used - But There Are Important Curing Steps To Follow How To To Properly Cure A Garden Pond Waterfall So It's Safe For Pond Fish & Koi I receive many emails each week from folks who have visited Artistic Garden, and often their questions are something that I think "hmmm ... I ought to write an article about that!" So … [Read more...]