Book Review “Garden Gnomes – A History”

A New Book Just Released on Garden Gnome History I received a very nice email recently from "Twigs Way", the author of a new book about garden gnomes, asking if I'd be kind enough to review it and make a mention about it on my blog. … [Read more...]

Garden Gnome Averts Disaster!

This "Good Luck" Garden Gnome Kept a Huge TreeFrom Toppling & Causing Damage I've got an informative page on my website about garden gnomes that caught the attention of an artistic gardening friend, Bill. He was kind enough to share the following story and photos with all of you that read my blog. I told him of course we'd all be interested! … [Read more...]

History of the Magical Garden Gnome

Gnomes Bring Good Luck To Homes You Know I Used To Think These Little Guys Were Kind Of Dumb And Stupid A garden gnome?? WHY, I wondered, would anyone want one of these goofy little guys with the pointy red caps in their garden? I equated them to the likes of Snow White & the Seven Dwarf figurines lined up in one's front yard. But … [Read more...]