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Using the likes of concrete stains, liquid dyes, “dust-on” colors and other colorants can be a bit “iffy” as far as the outcome is concerned when talking about D-I-Y garden art projects. The color you were hoping to see in your cured concrete, cement or hypertufa project didn’t materialize. I receive many e-mails with questions about “which type” colorant to use for “this type” project.

Good news! You have found the most thorough information pertaining to usage and application techniques for liquid and dry colorants currently available on the internet.

I believe you’ll find the necessary information needed to choose the RIGHT concrete stains and colorants for the DESIRED outcome.

The Colorants Reference Guides

The Most Thorough & Well Explained Information You Will Find Anywhere

The Color Products Reference Guides include:

  • Wet/Dry Product Types
  • Application Techniques
  • Color Considerations
  • Product Availability
  • Products & the Name-Brand Manufacturers
  • Permanence of the Colorants
  • Artist comments

I am extremely grateful to “Faux Bois” artist Donald Tucker for allowing me to publish the Guides on my web site.

Faux Bois Concrete Stool

I’d also like to mention that the “Holland & Tucker” line of concrete garden art items are distributed in Texas. Plans are in the works for reaching a larger audience via the internet. Tutorials in book and CD format, craft supplies, sculpting tools and such will be offered. Donald is determined to help keep the art of “Faux Bois” alive and well. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Again, you will NOT find any better nor more explicit information on concrete stains and hypertufa colorants than what you see here.

SPECIAL NOTE: The “Cement Color Products Reference Guide(s)” are the sole exclusive copyrighted property of Holland & Tucker. Feel free to print for your own personal use, however they are not to be reproduced for publication anywhere without the original author’s written consent. Copyright © Holland & Tucker 2004.

One Final Word

Please understand that specific color results can and will vary significantly based on a number of factors. The Guides explain the variables. READ THEM carefully. Bottom line: EXPERIMENT FIRST!

Read the Colorant Guides

Feel Free To Print Out A Copy For Your Personal Reference

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Don’t have the free Adobe Reader yet? You should. Being able to open and read these guides won’t be the only time you’ll have a use for it. Click Here to go directly to Adobe’s download page.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via my Contact Me Form: Click Here

For thoroughly explained information on preparing Hypertufa Recipes, please click here for my article:
Hypertufa Recipes & Mixing Guidelines

For more information about the wonderful art of “Faux Bois” (French for “false wood”) … the old and nearly lost art form of producing natural-looking wood textures for concrete sculptures please go to: The Art of Faux Bois

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