DIY Garden Hose Guides From PVC

My Friend Tom’s Simple & Cheap
DIY Garden Hose Guides Saved His ‘Maters

Hey everyone, this is a great and cheap-o (we like that, don’t we 😉 ) idea sent to me just yesterday from my longtime Texas friend Tom Vanderzyl. Tom and his dear wife Alice have themselves a wonderful new home and for the first time in many years are able to put in a garden.

Needless to say, there’s lots of tending to be done to it, but for now they wanted to at least get in the tomatoes and veggies. So … right now there are little ‘mater plants to be watered. But Tom soon found he had to deal with the hassle of his very long garden hose threatening the welfare of the young plants as he tried to drag that dang thing around to water.

Tom Vanderzyl in his garden. Being the very bright and inventive guy he is (he is a painter and sculptor extraordinaire – as is Alice – might I mention) and being a very thrifty guy too … he came up with simple and cheap PVC garden hose guides. He sent me these pics and explanation and I said to myself, “Hey, I’m going to share this with my blog visitors!!”

Alrighty everyone … here’s what Tom had to say:

Well I’m sure everyone knew this … but I had to discover it independently through labor and anguish.

It’s my garden hose … it seems the python I have as a garden hose has not been tamed (says Alice). It is a fight to the death each time used (by the amateur) usually that of the (my fault) new/young plant.

So today I put T-posts on every corner of the garden bed and cut 10-inch pieces of pvc which I placed over the T-posts and as it sets on the ground it keeps the garden hose off my plants. The round pvc pipe sections let the garden (python) hose roll around the corners.


DIY garden hose guide Right turn, left turn, and down and back up the 2 foot wide rows … this should work. That is until I reinvent the watering system which I have seen on large farms. Then I’ll kill the python for good!

I’ll send you photos when the plants/garden merits exposure to the envious non-gardening masses/ public.

Next I’ll put up rabbit wire – not for the one 75-year-old rabbit the dogs can’t catch but for the dogs (5). It seems they can’t or won’t watch where they step.

Ah, the life of a Farmer … alas and alack … but there is the ripe tomato, yum! Ciao, TV



This is Tom watering with “the python.

I am sure this PVC sleeve idea could be used in other ways. You really don’t need to use real tall spikes stuck in the ground, and you could paint the PVC green (or dirt brown) if you wanted the hose guides to sort of blend in with everything. I guess you could even take this idea a little further and use sleeves made from copper or aluminum tubing. I’ll bet there are a lot of great variations on this very simple and doable DIY garden hose guide idea.

Oh, you might be interested in seeing another project Tom and Alice showed me awhile back … their great use of FREE recycled broken concrete for the long drive leading up to their new home. I give them two-thumbs up for being thrifty AND helping out dear Mother Earth by reycycling whenever they can!


  1. Great Idea!!!!!

  2. Hi Marsha:
    Hope this helps you in your garden. 🙂

  3. I have a couple of “pythons” in my garden, too. This is a wonderful idea to tame the vicious beasts and keep them out of the “green belt”. Thanks for a simple and wonderful idea!

  4. Hi Boni:

    Yes – Tom’s idea is an easy, cheap and certainly doable one, even for people who aren’t necessary handy with making things, isn’t it?

    Good luck taming your pythons. 🙂

  5. Very clever hose guards. My garden is a bit more whimsical, usually flowers and some veggies. I love to yard sale and buy croquet sets whenever I see them. I cut the poles in half (at an angle)then pound them into the ground to keep the hose from dragging through the flowers. It works great. I’ve used other parts of the set for other things, the wickets make great little fences etc. Any ideas on what to use the croquet balls for?

  6. Leslie Barry says:

    Great idea! I can’t wait to use this idea with my new hose. I have ruined more plants with my hose and last year I bought a new lightweight hose & I thought it might help but now I will use this idea to make guides for the hose!.

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