Is It Feline Rhinotracheitis? Continuing Alyssum's Story

Part #2 – How “Suspected” Feline Rhinotracheitis
Manifested Its Nasty Stinkin’ Self In My Poor Cat

Yesterday I posted the introduction about my beloved Tonkinese cat Alyssum, and how the vet and I think she has been battling the #%%@@# #@@!$!% [bleep – bleep] herpes virus called feline rhinotracheitis for the last two weeks.

Let me interject here that both the vet and I are assuming that this is probably what it is … Dr. Jones isn’t 100% sure, but it does seem that the symptoms have manifested in rather classic ways. (Believe me, I have been doing a lot of online researching!)

This is sweet little Alyssum. OK … so yesterday I ended where I introduced a new cat, named Sieanna, into the household and within roughly 36-hours Alyssum was breathing and wheezing quite noticeably. So I called the vet’s and off we went on an early Thursday morning appointment.

Well … here’s a shortened scenario of what took place:

  • Doc Jones was booked for that entire day, so I accepted the first appointment available that morning with one of the other vets (of whom I’ve no previous experience). I was concerned about her and that perhaps she’d contracted something from the new cat. Let’s say I was VERY concerned, thusly didn’t want to wait another moment to get her to the vet.
  • Dr. “T” found no lung congestion, however a lot of nasal and throat congestion. I agreed and told him the wheezing had been intensifying just a bit for about 4-months, but not so badly that I felt I had to run her in to be checked.
  • I also told him that one of her little front teeth had been loose, and it looked like her gum was a bit inflamed – that I knew that needed to be pulled. He agreed.
  • He suggested a dental cleaning, as perhaps there was another tooth that was causing inflammation, and PERHAPS this was causing an infection and PERHAPS this was the cause of the recent increase in congestion and wheezing. I said “OK … just might make sense. I hope it’s the reason for her troubles.”
  • Dr. “T” gave Alyssum an antibiotic injection and scheduled the tooth cleaning to take place on a Tuesday, which was in 4 days, to give the antibiotic time to work.
  • Two days later … hmmmmm. Alyssum was starting to squint her left eye a little. That had never happened before. I thought “Oh boy … has the new cat scratched Alyssum’s eye?” (Let’s say that Sieanna wasn’t exactly friendly when Alyssum tried to get close to her.)
  • Tuesday rolled around. I discussed a few concerns with Dr. “T” before leaving her for the teeth cleaning. One of those concerns was the fact she was congested and she was going to be sedated.
  • About 4-hours later I got a call from Dr. “T” telling me “there is good news, and bad news”. I said “Oh God … what??”
  • The “good news” was the teeth cleaning went excellently, and only the little front tooth was pulled. It did have a little bit of infection in the gum, but nothing major. All the other teeth were fine. But …
  • His exact words then were “But the bad news is that Alyssum almost DIED TWO TIMES on us.” I said, “WHAT?? 😯   😯 ” Seems she was way more congested than he “T..H..O..U..G..H..T” and well … her little tongue was rolling back into her throat ’cause she was still drugged and thusly she couldn’t breath. And they had to stick the tube back down her throat (oh geez! – poor Alyssum!) and “boy, she sure fought and bit down on the tube when we were trying to put it back down her throat …”
  • (Can you sense I wasn’t too pleased with that I was being told at that point?? 😡 )
  • OK … I am trying to keep this brief … so later in the day I brought her home. I tried to not get angry about what had happened with the vet. He did tell me “I didn’t think she had that much difficulty breathing because you told me she wasn’t having to breathe out of her mouth.”

Alrighty, I hoped at this point the entire ordeal and all symptoms would slowly disappear behind us. That soon Alyssum would be fine and back to normal now that the offending tooth was removed and the antibiotic had time to kill off any bad bacteria or germs.

Oh boy … was I wrong! And here’s where the story about my introduction to stinkin’ #%%@@# #@@!$!% feline rhinotracheitis really gets going.

Within 36-hours Alyssum’s left eye was so puffed up and inflammed I thought that it just might explode! I was crying and very distraught. I counted the minuntes until I could call the vet’s office for an appointment. Things seemed to be rapidly going downhill.

In a day or two I’ll continue my story about my battle with Alyssum’s feline rhinotracheitis symptoms. Part #3 will really get into the nitty-gritty of symptoms and attempted remedies.

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