Reflections From A Garden Mirror

Add The Illusion of Extra Space and Beautifully Reflect Your Flowers

The Next Piece Of Garden Art I Am Getting Ready To Add To My Outdoor Space Is A Garden Mirror

Ever since I saw a rustic looking, rather beat-up mirror hanging on a garden wall, I knew I was going to have one, too.

I love how this unexpected piece of home décor lends itself so well to an outdoor environment. It can help give the illusion of extra space. It reflects back to you the beauty of your plants and flowers, making it appear that you have more than you really do. It can give the impression that there is a window to the “other side” of the garden.

Weather-Proofing Your Garden Mirror

There’s not a magic “fix” to protect a mirror that’s placed outdoors. Glass mirrors have a silver backing. This backing is vulnerable to water. Obviously, placing a mirror outside is going to expose it to the elements. Over time, the silver backing will start to bubble or peel. That being said, I cannot tell you exactly how many years it’s going to take for damage to start taking effect.

Modern mirroring is more durable than older mirroring, too. I don’t mind a “weathered” looking mirror. I guess you would call it “shabby chic”, which is certainly an acceptable look these days.

You could try sealing the edges of the mirror to its frame by using water-proof silicone caulk. Run a bead of caulk wherever water may be able to seep in between the frame and mirror.

Incredible garden mirror installation in Monte Carlo Casino Gardens

Yes … this artwork sculpture called “Sky Mirror” by artist Anish Kapoor is waaaaaay over the top for most of us “regular” folks with normal sized gardens, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing this incredible garden mirror that is installed in the Monte Carlo Casino Gardens. Wowee, huh?!!

Attaching Concerns

You do want to be sure that the mirror is very securely attached to wherever you’re going to hang it. I will assume that most of us will be using a garden mirror that has a wooden frame. You can either screw the corners of the frame directly to the surface where it will be mounted. You can hang it using NON-RUSTING wire that is attached to it’s back, with a securely placed hanger on the hanging surface.

If you happen to have a mirror without a frame that has holes drilled in the corners (such as an old bathroom mirror), you can mount it using screws and preferably rubber washers.

Fire? I never thought of this problem to be honest, but saw mention one time so I will pass this along to you. Be careful that there will be no problem about the mirror’s reflection of the sun starting a fire. Sounds a bit impossible, but yet not so impossible!

If you want your mirror to retain its reflective qualities over many years, think about investing in a plastic one.

Plastic Mirror Alternatives

Plastic Is Much Safer Than Glass and Lighter In Weight, Too

Plastic mirror sheeting looks like glass and has some advantages. It is much more impact resistant and much less likely to cause injury if it is broken. Plastic mirrors are also lighter in weight.

There are two types available. Big-box DIY stores carry the acrylic type and you can also find suppliers online.

  • Acrylic Mirror: About 10 times stronger than glass. Well suited for outdoor use.
  • Polycarbonate Mirror: About twice the price of acrylic mirror, but said to be 200 times stronger than glass. Well suited for outdoor use.

Warning: Birds + Garden Mirrors

A Mirror Can Put Our Feathered Friends Into A Tizzy … Or Worse 🙁

I want to mention this so you will keep it in mind when installing a garden mirror … our bird friends. Some people don’t like the idea of using a mirror outside. Although it can look very nice, some birds will batter themselves to death against one, either flying into it because they don’t realize it’s a barrier, or attacking the “other bird” that is intruding on their territory.

I truly love my backyard friends. I just wanted you to think about this aspect when deciding upon any mirror’s placement.

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