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An Introduction To Building an Easy To Maintain & Enjoyable Pond

Keeping Your Water Garden Plants, Pond Fish & Koi Healthy and Thriving For Years To Come

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The enjoyment of having a beautiful garden pond is luring more and more of us into this interesting and often challenging hobby. Ponds of all sizes, from a few hundred gallons to thousands and thousands of gallons are being built at an estimated rate of approximately 16% each year.

Some of us are avid water gardeners; some of us want a mix of plants and fish; and then there is a smaller percentage of us that focus on pond fish exclusively, primarily Koi.

There truly are differences in how you should approach the size, construction, plumbing concerns and location of these different types of ponds. I address the variables in the existing and future articles I offer in this section on “Garden Ponds”.

This web page is the gateway to all the articles I have on this most interesting subject. My desire is to arm you with good solid information to help you NOT make the mistakes that too many water gardeners are guilty of in the early stages of their ponding experience. Learning the do’s and don’ts before you even stick a shovel into the ground is the best advice I can give you!

Pond Building Without Headaches

Do Your Homework First Before You Start To Dig!

If you are planning on building a garden pond, please refer to these informative articles so you don’t make unnecessary mistakes:

Click on these links for in-depth information pertaining to specific aspects of maintaining high quality garden pond water parameters:

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