Garden Pond Water Basics

Learning About Healthy Pond Water NOW Is The Smartest Approach

Koi for your garden pond

Let’s Understand “Good” vs. “Bad” Water Quality

I am the happy owner of a backyard garden pond. I love it! I happen to focus on the hobby of Koi, so in my particular situation the quality of my pond water is all important. Now, this being said, it is also very important to have “good” (I’ll be explaining this in a moment) quality water for pond plants, as well.

In this article I will start to discuss and teach you why “water quality” is truly important for any garden pond … even one that has only one floating water plant and one small goldfish in it.

Good vs. Bad “Quality”… An Easy Explanation

You may find the following statement to be a bit “strange”, however it is true: a garden pond can be somewhat equated to a toilet. I know, not a pleasant thought in certain respects, but it is quite true. And especially so if you have fish swimming around in it. How do I mean “toilet”?

Well, if there is any sort of detritus (rotted plant material; fish excrement, etc.) that can accumulate in your pond … that “stuff” needs to be removed rather quickly from your pond water in order to keep it healthy – so your pond doesn’t start to turn into a cesspool. I do believe you get the idea of what I am trying to convey here.

Also, chemical changes take place rather quickly in water, and pond water that is never refreshed with “new” water soon becomes a nasty environment. Especially so if you wish to have HEALTHY fish swimming around (please note I have emphasized the word healthy … more on this issue in another article.)

Educate Yourself First, Dig Later 🙂

When I Speak Of Your Pond Water “Quality”, I Will Be Referring To A Variety Of Factors That Together, Make Up The Overall “Healthiness” Of The Water For Your Fish And Plants

I have studied many many hours on not only garden pond construction, but also filtration, actual water chemistry, and even pond plumbing for the most efficient and effective designs if one desires to become a koi keeper. So, I am not just someone spouting off information copied from somewhere else … I am sharing information with you that comes from truly “talking the talk and walking the walk”.

I’ll address each of the following issues in more depth in other pages here on my website, but to finish this article, let me tell you what I highly suggest you learn (or at least become aware of) as it pertains to a garden pond, and your pond water quality:

  • Basic water chemistry: pH, Ammonia, Nitrite
  • Temperature
  • Chlorine and Chloramine
  • Algae and Green Water

I plan to be adding articles about koi keeping, pond design, filtration do’s and don’ts, and other tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way in my 7+ years of koi keeping that might be of help to you with your garden pond. So please keep checking back. I’m writing fast and furious  🙂

There is no need for you to make any of the mistakes that others have made before you! Whether you only want to dig out a small 100 gallon hole in your backyard to have a garden water spitter splash water just for the joy of the sound … or you really want to get into the hobby of water gardening or koi keeping … do it correctly the first time!

Take A Little Time To Educate Yourself Before You Pick Up A Shovel. You’ll Be Glad You Did!

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