Garden Yard Art To Scare Away The Birds

This Is One Creative Bird Chaser!

I came across this great photo of a very creative piece of garden yard art today and I thought “I’ve just got to share this with my visitors.”

Plus … for many of us, thoughts of what we are going to plant in our vegetable garden is looming in our minds. Warm weather is slowly starting to take hold. So I thought this yard art decor idea might prove helpful for you in the future.

garden yard art bird chaser Need an effective bird chaser? Well, I think this crazy bird chasin’ monster just might do the trick.

If you have young children, perhaps you’ve got one of their old rubber or plastic monster toys collecting dust that could be resurrected and placed out in your vegetable patch.

If you’re like most gardeners I know, myself included, birds can become quite a problem because they love to peck into things like tomatos and nibble, leaving lots of damaged fruits. Not that I mind our feathered friends getting to eat my organically grown ‘maters … but geez, they take two nibbles and then move on to another ripe beauty to sample. I don’t appreciate that – they ought to stick to just one and then I’d be more tolerant!!

For another idea – maybe a few aluminum pie plates tied onto this monster would be an added feature to scare away the birds. I don’t know how aggressive your birds might be.

Anyhoo … I just thought I’d share this whimsical garden yard art idea. If nothing else … I hope it puts a smile on your face today.

See ya later!


  1. Cool Garden Things says:

    Hmmm…I think that might be a little extreme! I wonder, though…

  2. OK – definitely a bit extreme – but if your trying to scare off the neighborhood kids it might be just the thing.

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