Help! I Broke The Head Off A Statue! How To Repair?

Concrete Statue Repair
How To Reattach A Broken Concrete Statue Head

I received an email asking for help:

I accidentely knocked the head off of a statue. 🙁 Is there anything I can use to reattach it? It was my late Mother’s and I really need to fix it. Thank you for your answer. Irene

broken concrete statue

My reply:
Hi Irene:
Thank you for contacting me and I hope I can be of help. But first, you didn’t tell me what material the statue is made from. Because you found my web site and I deal with garden art, I will assume you are referring to a concrete statue.

Yes … you can fix it with an epoxy glue that is meant for concrete.  There should be a brand available at (hopefully) Lowe’s or Home Depot, as examples. Go to the paint department area and that’s where all the epoxy glues can be found. (Important for you to know, is that there really is no way to use a concrete mix to stick the head back on. Don’t even try it.)

Epoxy glue comes in 2 tubes that you mix together before you apply it to the concrete. Not a big deal to do, just a bit messy. Just FOLLOW the instructions –read them over first before you even open up one of the tubes. 😉

Make SURE the concrete statue is bone dry!! Even a little bit of dampness in the concrete will very likely cause failure to your repair attempts.

The epoxy might be slightly visible when dry, but how “invisible” the repair will be is of course also dependent upon how neatly and carefully you can apply the glue.

I wish you the best of luck with this concrete statue repair.


  1. I’ve used a cement epoxy glue to try to repair the face of a concrete statue which had been broken off. I cannot get it to stick even having followed the instructions on the packet. Am I doing something wrong? I cleaned both pieces before using the glue and makes the glue on the concrete with my fingers.

    I would appreciate your advice

  2. Hi Derek:
    Unfortunately I’ve no clue what else you can do, if the proper type of epoxy was used with no success. I normally receive emails telling me “thanks for the epoxy repair tip”. It sounds like you did everything right. My only question has to be: are you SURE the epoxy was the correct type; are you SURE there was no moisture left within the concrete before you applied the epoxy; did you mix it correctly; and did you tape or secure the pieces together and let the epoxy harden for the required amount of time?

    Wish I could be more help. Perhaps a concrete patch could be used as a “glue” – but I’m not 100% sure if this will work. You’ll have to wet and paint a bonding agent onto both pieces before you apply the concrete “glue”. I’d encourage you to research this further, however I do have some information on bonding agents and such on this webpage on my site: Even though this page is about hypertufa, it contains Portland cement, thus the information is basically the same process for a pure concrete recipe.

    Good luck and keep me posted.

  3. Interesting article. Thanks for trying to shed some light on this subject. It’s not uncommon for stuff like this to occur.

  4. michael says:

    I’ve been working on very old concrete statures of THE GREEK GODS and found that Parex 1-2-1 dry base coat, adhesive. Just add water. thick works better to mold with. Hardens hard. Use wet paint brush to smooth to form before leaving it to harden. Try samples first, if creating new details.

  5. WE did a statue out concrete and winter stone finish. We were told to use
    lenseed oil and wax finish , but the wax turn white in some part . How can i fix this

  6. Hi Sue:

    I’ve never applied linseed oil or wax onto concrete, so have no clue as to what you should do. But I don’t think the information given to you was really the best – a couple of coats of good quality clear sealer (Ok for concrete use) would have done the job. Linseed oil on a painted finish?? You’ve got me.

    My best suggestion is to thoroughly remove all the wax. This might also remove some of the painted finish – just depends how hard you have to rub or scrub to get off the wax. Then I’d apply a fresh coat of your painted finish, if needed, and then the clear sealer as I mentioned.

    But I’m not there looking at exactly what is or isn’t the extent of the problem so please don’t take the above as 100% accurate. Use your best judgement!

    Good luck!

  7. I’m going to give this a try and see how it works. Thanks alot!

  8. trollhair says:

    With the statue you have, I would drill a hole in the body and one in the head and use a metal rod to secure it and then make a paste of cement and put it together and presto! But… all depends on what the statue is made of.

  9. jan lauer says:

    hi, my problem is my cat knocked over my cat with large angel wings, the wing is cracked down one side, not the back side. can i use the epoxy mix for the crack? or will it make it bigger? thanks. jl

  10. Hi Jan:

    I am assuming your cat w/angel wings is made from concrete? Or maybe a composite material? If so, yes the proper type of epoxy meant for the material you want to repair *should* do the trick. It’ll only make the cracked area bigger if you apply too much. Good luck! 🙂

  11. Jeannine says:

    I have a doplin that the tail has broken off- how can I reattach it?
    it is a concrete statue that is meant to go around a swimming pool

  12. Claudia says:


    You’re going to have to use the techniques mentioned in this article for the repair. Since it sounds like the dolphin is very large, epoxy glue is probably going to be what you have to use. It might be difficult to keep the head attached while the glue is drying. You’ll have to think this one through carefully, for sure. Good luck.

  13. Thank you for having this response on the internet – I don’t know if it helped her, but it helped me. Glad I found this in my search.

  14. nicofrog says:

    probably the concrete in your sculpture was a very poor mix and tends to go :”;dusty”
    you may have some success by pinning the piece with a steel dowel, and casting around the wound. tricky
    there is a super THIN epoxy used for restoring wood you could treat both surfaces with that first THEN use a paste epoxy to attach making it look good later will be another hassle. Another trick is to cast and copy the sculpture if you like it so much. or donate it to a school to use in kids art!

  15. Joyce Ann N Hualde says:

    I accidentlly broke off the head of one of my king statue he is made out of wax he is one of my kings for my three kings novena please is there anything i can do to put his head back on????

  16. Claudia Brownlie says:

    Wax?? Well if it is wax, why can’t you ever-so-carefully “melt” the broken neck area of one of the pieces and then stick it back on, holding it in place until the wax cools. smooth out the edges while it’s still warm.

    Or, push some thin, sharp wires into the body portion and push the head on.

    You’ve got to use your imagination and you’ll have to be very careful to line up both pieces so when done, the head doesn’t look like it was stuck on there.

  17. François Gagnon says:

    Can I use white glue to seal cement?

  18. François Gagnon says:

    Can I use carpenter’s glue to seal a cement slab repaired that I can place a laminate floor on top of it when dry?

  19. Claudia Brownlie says:


  20. Claudia Brownlie says:

    I doubt it.

  21. I have repaired quite a few statues even a huge guy with a hat weighs about 500lbs but broke in two. Try using silastic mixed with plain cement and mix together then apply on bot parts to be mended works well.

  22. Dawn Magro says:

    I have a statue that the cement fell off of the bended arm, which has a metal support bent into it. I can not find what fell off. Also a pair of deer where one has the tail halfway broken off and I can’t find it. It has metal sticking out. Help!

  23. joseph michael says:

    I have a horse and it weights about 125 pounds and it is made of jade. The head broke off in shipping. How do I fix it?

  24. Claudia Brownlie says:

    Joseph: I have NO experieCne in trying to repair solid jade items. However, it would seem that some sort of epoxy cement would be needed, along with your ability to completely support and stabilize the head to the torso during the time the epoxy, or adhesive of your choice, is drying. **DISCLAIMER: I am only sharing an idea with you.

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