How to Make Sure Embellishments Won't Fall Out

Hypertufa & Concrete Projects Tip
How to Make Embedded Items Stay Stuck!

I received an email from Julie asking me:

Hi, my friend and I made our first hypertufa batches the other night, using a couple of your recipes, and want to make more.

My question: I want to put some glass stones and other things like nails on the outside of some pots and balls but am afraid they will fall out. If I put a binder in the mix will that keep the stones etc. attached?

Thanks for all your help! Julie

My reply:

Hi Julie:
Thank you for contacting me and I can answer your question – you don’t really have to add a binder into the recipe. Most crafters don’t. They just push/squish their chosen objects into the wet hypertufa or concrete.

Most embellishments – stones, marbles, mirror pieces, etc. – will stay “stuck”. But nothing is 100% fool-proof, so if some do end up falling out, use a little silicone caulk (or epoxy glue suitable for your project – i.e. glass and concrete) to stick them back. Just make sure you do give each item a good “push” into the wet ‘tufa or concrete.

That’s all there is to it. 🙂 Good luck!!


Click to go to Kathy’s project.

And hey everyone … check out this idea for your next hypertufa or concrete project!

I found this great project the other day while I was surfing around online, and I would encourage you to read Kathy Cano-Murillo’s instructions for her concrete coasters project.

She explains how to glue pictures onto the back of clear glass pebbles before embedding them into wet concrete. How cool! And how easy!

This crafty idea CERTAINLY can be used to embellish larger garden art items, like hypertufa or concrete troughs, spheres … whatever! But I love her coaster idea. As a matter of fact … I always encourage new crafters to mix up small batches of ‘tufa or ‘crete recipes, in order to get the hang of working with the stuff – to make sure they are getting the ratios of ingredients right, how long it takes to cure, things like that.

Kathy’s project would certainly be a great one to try with hypertufa, too. You could make coasters, or perhaps small garden plaques. That way, if you are trying a small test batch because you’re new to working with hypertufa (or concrete) … if you had success then you’d have a nifty item to put in your garden, or something to give away as a gift.

Anyway … making sure your embellishments stay stuck really isn’t a major concern. So go ahead, and try adding something fun or whimsical to your next garden art project! 😉

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