Hypertufa Rocks For Use In Bonsai Gardens

Sculpting Hypertufa Into Realistic Rocks
For Use In Bonsai Landscapes

Jim wrote and asked:

I am an avid bonsai gardener. How do I make hypertufa into rocks with sharp edges so they will look like small mountains and fit well into my bonsai gardens? Also what recipe would you suggest for these rocks? Jim

My reply:
Hi Jim:
Thanks for asking your questions.

First, as far as sharp edges, that is what one would call “artistic expertise”. Meaning, you’ll have to use some kind of tool (maybe a small paring knife; a screwdriver tip; or an appropriate “professional” carving implement) to scrape and carve away the ‘tufa in order to get the crevices, sharp points and such you’ll need to make in order to reproduce the look of real rocks.

Next, about a good recipe – since I know this project is for use in your bonsai garden, I don’s see why a very simple hypertufa recipe that does NOT have perlite or vermiculite in it would work. After all, these are very small rocks, and because of that perlite or vermiculte would not give them a realistic look (at least not in my opinion).

So, you could use either of the recipes found on the following page, but you wouldn’t necessarily need to use the fortifiers: Hypertufa Sculpting Recipe.

And, for something as small as what you’re making, a “final layer” would not be necessary.

Really, any ‘tufa recipe can be carved, in essence. These recipes as you’ll note don’t have the perlite/vermiculite which allows a smoother surface. (The peat moss will give you enough texture.)

OH … I would highly suggest to really sift and/or pulverize the peat moss to a very very fine texture. Again, with such small objects as you’ll be crafting, you don’t want a huge chunk of peat in your recipe!

Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction. Good luck with all your bonsai garden projects.


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