My Homemade Mailbox Christmas Holiday Decoration

I’m No Super Artsy Crafter –
Here’s the Mailbox Decoration I Made From Scratch

I thought I’d share information on making homemade mailbox decorations for the Holidays, because often times we either don’t have the time to put up all the outdoor decorations we’ve amassed over the years, or we really just don’t have the enthusiasm or physical ability we used to, to haul out ladders and all the strings of lights, and tackle that whole “decorate the house” project!

I pretty much fit all the above! But, I don’t want my house to look totally ignored over the Holidays either and the mailbox is a nice spot to add some festivity.

I thought you might like to see how I decorate mine, and how I went about it. I am sure you’ll be able to either try to duplicate what I’ve done, or spin off from the main concept and make a creative masterpiece all your own. 🙂

Steps to Make This DIY Christmas Decoration

Here’s a photo of the completed decoration adorning my mailbox. Not too shabby, eh? DIY Christmas decoration for a festive mailbox


The basic components are:

• Wire ribbon (ribbon that has very thin   wire running down both edges);

• Artificial evergreen garland – it’s the kind   made on a very stiff bendable wire;

• Plastic (don’t use glass!) Christmas   ornaments;

• A rope of shiny metallic-type green and   red fringe; and

• I can’t forget to mention I used my hot   glue gun and a fair number of glue sticks   (sorry, I didn’t count).

Construction basics:

I determined the length of evergreen garland I needed to make each section that would go on either side of the mailbox post.

What is helping to hold the entire decoration onto the mailbox post is a loop of garland at the top of one of the sections. I placed this over the top of the section of post that sticks out above my mailbox. Your post may not be constructed the same. Use your ingenuity, like I did! 😉

The second section is basically one long straight piece of evergreen garland, which I attached by bending over a few of the evergreen “sprigs” to latch onto other sprigs from the top garland loop. The wires in the garland are pretty flexible, but stiff enough to hold any twisting and attaching you need to do.

I wrapped the red and green tinsel garland around all the evergreen pieces, making sure to snug it in between the springs.

I then decided where I wanted to place the ornaments and how many would be needed. I decided I wanted three ornaments grouped together with some space in between each grouping. **REMEMBER: odd numbers of anything you’re grouping together normally always looks better than items grouped in even numbers!

I hot glued the ornaments onto the garland. Let me warn you … be generous with the glue – don’t skimp. Otherwise, you might find that your ornaments fall off as the weather gets colder. I learned this the first year after I made this. I had to reglue many of the ornaments. So the next year, I yanked on each ornament, and if it stayed stuck, fine! If it came off, I used a very generous amount of glue and those ornaments have stayed stuck now for many years.

Another word of caution: make sure you put something like cardboard or a few layers of newspaper under the garland when you’re gluing as invariably the hot glue will ooze down through openings between the springs. Protect your work surface from a gluey mess.

Christmas holiday bow


I made the bow from scratch, and attached it to the mailbox post after I had secured the entire decoration onto the post.

With frugality in mind, I happened to have a spool of this wired ribbon in my supply box. I sometimes buy up things at the end of the season (or any other time of year I see deals I can’t pass up) – love those after Christmas 50% off sales! I bought up all sorts of different colors one year, as wired ribbon can get expensive and the prices were more than 50% off. So, that’s why this particular ribbon was used … I had it on hand and it is rather festive in coloration.

Empty ribbon spool



In case you’re not familiar with wired ribbon, it is sold on a spool. Here’s the empty spool – I used the entire spool to make the bow – all 30 feet of ribbon!

Homemade mailbox Christmas holiday decoration



Here’s a close-up of my DIY Christmas decoration. I thought maybe a close-up might be helpful to those of you who are like me and not necessarily whiz kids at making something like this. 🙂

That’s about it for my basic how-tos. You still have a couple of weeks to enjoy some outside decorations. It’s not too late! I’ll bet you can rummage through your box(es) of decorations and come up with some items that if put together with a little creativity can dress up your mailbox for the Holidays.

My DIY Christmas decoration has been used on my mailbox for about 4 years now and it still looks good and is holding together extremly well. Back up into the attic it will go in early January, waiting to come back out the first of December, once again.

To see more ideas for homemade DIY Christmas decorations, make sure to read my post: Decorate Your Mailbox for the Holidays.


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