Easy Outdoor Water Features

Ideal For Small Spaces, Balconeys, or To Add Interest to Your Backyard

If you don’t already have an outdoor water feature in your garden, then you’ve just got to go ahead and purchase or make yourself one this year!

A beautiful 3-tiered water fountain; water bubbling up in an attractive container; some aquatic plants in a half barrel; maybe a water spitter mounted on your garden’s wall. No matter how you do it, adding the element of water to your garden’s theme doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of room and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

If you’d like a pond for a water garden feature, then go for it! Water gardening and ponding is one of the fastest growing hobbies around. But not all of us can dig a hole in our yard and tackle all that building a pond entails, however all of us can have an interesting and eye-appealing outdoor water feature to bring the soothing and enjoyable element of water into our environment.


I’ve got a lot of great ideas on how you can make an outdoor water feature without it having to be complicated or expensive. As with all “Artistic Garden” projects I share here, your budget, personal taste and garden’s theme will dictate what kind of materials and containers, etc. to use. For an easy DIY project, please read: How to Make a Simple & Attractive Container Water Garden

But remember — let’s keep it easy! If a container filled with some aquatic plants is what you desire, then you can turn an affordable container into a real show-stopper by utilizing one of my ‘faux-chic’ painting or embellishing techniques. (And you’ll still have money left to buy some really nice plants!) Decorative Paint Techniques to Jazz Up Ordinary Containers

The Sound of Splashing Water …

I Love Relaxing In My Garden, Listening To The Water Sounds

Bubblers or garden spitters? No problem. A little more know-how and a few more materials are involved in getting one of these up and running, but once again, I can show you how to easily achieve the final creative result you’re looking for. Click here to read how really easy it is to: Install a Garden Spitter

Plus, if you decide to do one of my projects where you can include moving water, you’ve now added a relaxing feature — the sound of water. Whether it’s a drip, drip, drip; a splish-splash; a gurgle; or a steady shush … water sounds are so very soothing to the human ear. Not only will you enjoy it, but your garden visitors will, too.

The care and maintenance of your outdoor water feature will be a little easier than tending to your flower beds.

If you’ve got a bubbler or spitter – there’s really not too much to do beyond cleaning out the small pump filter periodically. All containers will need to be topped off with water as needed. Got plants? Maybe a little plant fertilizer to help the aquatic plants stay healthy and pinch them as needed to maintain their shape.

I encourage you to think about adding an outdoor water feature to your garden space. It’s so easy to do and is such a pleasant addition to anyone’s garden theme. It’s just one more artistic and creative way to personalize your garden.


  1. I bought i 2 tier water fountain from HD 6 yrs ago and now the material is starting break down. What’s the way to repair this fountain? It’s made light material and it appear to with cement base with fibers add in for weight. I also would like to cast a new water fountain from the existing unit. What’s your opinion how this project?

  2. Claudia Brownlie says:

    Craig: I don’t have information on how to repair resin-type “light material” objects. So sorry on that point. As far as wanting to cast a new fountain using what you have as the form – it is doable using either a hypertufa mixture or cement-only mixture.

    That being said … if you’ve never worked with either type of mixture, then I wouldn’t advise you to begin using your existing unit. You need to get the hang of working with the recipes and curing, etc. Start on something small, and if you have success, then you could attempt to use your current fountain for the forms.

    But, do you just want to cover over the existing unit with another mixture – which means it will be permanently embedded under the new mixture? Or, do you want to be able to make a replica of the original – same details and everything? If so, then that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame and you’ll have to research on making castings. That will definitely be an advanced-level project. It’ll be a lot of work, but doable if you’re armed with the necessary information.

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