Making Tall And Impressive Garden Art Sculptures

For Those of You Wondering About How Large a Hypertufa or Concrete Sculpture Can Be ... I get asked just how large you can make a hypertufa or concrete garden art object more than a couple times each month, and my standard answer to everyone is simply, "As large as YOU are capable of making it." :) I'm not trying to be smart or curt with that … [Read more...]

Help! I Broke The Head Off A Statue! How To Repair?

Concrete Statue RepairHow To Reattach A Broken Concrete Statue Head I received an email asking for help: I accidentely knocked the head off of a statue. :( Is there anything I can use to reattach it? It was my late Mother's and I really need to fix it. Thank you for your answer. Irene My reply: Hi Irene: Thank you for contacting me and I … [Read more...]