How Much Liquid Fortifier To Use In Hypertufa & Concrete Recipes

Admixes? Liquid Fortifiers? Acrylic Strengtheners?What Is Their Purpose and How Much To Add To Your Hypertufa and Concrete Recipes I get emails quite often asking me about "liquid fortifiers" and exactly what are they, what do they "do", and how much should be put into a 'tufa or concrete recipe. So, today I'll share what I do know about using … [Read more...]

Where To Find Silica Fume & Poly Fibers

Sometimes These 2 Ingredients are Hard to Get Your Hands On I often get asked by many hypertufa and concrete garden art enthusiasts where to find "silica fume" and "poly fibers", also referred to as "fiber mesh". Depending where you live, it may or may not be very easy to lay your hands on this stuff. … [Read more...]

Concrete Recipes – Is "Homemade" Better Than A Pre-Mix?

Concrete Pre-Mix Products vs. A "Make It From Scratch" Recipe I received an email from "Stoner" asking me: I have been using a regular pre bagged "sand mix" cement for my concrete leaves. Is there a benefit to using something that I mix together myself ? Thanks. Stoner My reply: Hi Stoner: Well, not necessarily. I mean, if you are very … [Read more...]

Concrete Reacts Differently With Various Metals

Be Aware Of How Portland Cement Or Mortar In Your Recipe Will React To Various Metals I received a question from a crafter who had read my post about using hypertufa to skim coat vertical walls. She has a metal shed that she'd like to use the technqiue on and wondered if it would work in her situation. I told her I'd found and saved some … [Read more...]

Making A Water Fountain – Which Recipe Is Best?

Hypertufa or Concrete? Will Peat Moss Be A Good Addition For My Recipe? I received an email from Ya'aneh asking: Hi, i would like to make a water fountain. Large bowl on the bottom, then smaller bowl in the middle and smaller one on top. Could you tell me the recipe for the right concrete to use? I was wondering if a peat moss one would work? … [Read more...]

Hypertufa & Concrete – Peat Moss Substitutes & Waterproofing Tips

A Budding Concrete Sculptor Asks Some Questions I received two emails from Eugen who asked (please note English is not his primary language :)  it isn't because he is such a bad typist!): I have a question - where from peat moss , and if that could be replaced by another material wayting for your suggestions, thank you in advance, yours, … [Read more...]